Volunteer Writers Needed

As the Overwatch League grows we are growing too. We need to build a small core of volunteer writers to get content out to fans, teams, and Blizzard. Our site operates with the full support of top teams, Activision Blizzard, and many of the esports personalities you continue to see interviews with. Our network of contacts in the esports and Overwatch world runs deep. You can be a part of getting into the ecosystem by joining our team now.

As our site grows and we gain sponsors, advertising, and a strong community you will already be in a prime position to make the leap into a full time writer or editor with our organization. This is only the beginning and esports is growing faster than many can imagine. Join us now! Email us at taco@overwatchscore.com and send a writing sample and we will get you started. We run on pure passion and know you do too!

Submit Article Ideas!

We’re always looking to write about interesting topics surrounding competitive Overwatch. We pick topics we think that the community will enjoy but it’s tough to know for sure what people really want to see more of. If you have an idea for an article, a group we should interview, or something else entirely, please reach out to us here!

If you want to write a feature for us, please email your article to us at taco@overwatchscore.com. One last thing, while volunteer writing does not pay, we fully intend on hiring staff writers in the coming months. We will have full media access to events in Burbank as the Overwatch League kicks off season one. If you live in L.A.and would like to attend as a writer and representative for us, please let us know.