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Staying Busy in the Off-Season Has Never Been Easier for Overwatch Fans

So now that the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League has concluded its regular season, how will you ever get your fix for competitive Overwatch? Read more …

Darien first entered the competitive gaming scene playing Pokemon, and fell in love with Hearthstone and Overwatch soon after. After enrolling in his University's esports program, he became captivated by the Overwatch League, and now he's ready to make his mark on the scene with insightful, informative features.

Overwatch World Cup 2018: Early Roster Breakdown

The Overwatch World Cup approaches. For Americans, this means that the whole missing out on the FIFA World Cup thing isn’t really a big deal. (No, it doesn’t! We should still be sad.)

Anyways, there have been plenty of rumors and lots of news about who will represent Team USA, and we’re here to try and put what we know into one location.

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Austin White
Austin White is Overwatchscore’s senior beat writer, mostly covering the London Spitfire and Toronto Defiant. An avid esports fan and gamer, Austin spends his free time playing, watching, and writing about video games. You can find his articles both at Overwatchscore as well as EGF. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Boston Still Winless, NYXL Remain on Top – Stage 4, Week 2

Today’s matches are absolutely stacked with almost every team jostling for playoff positioning, NYXL and SF Shock excluded. Find out how the day’s matches went below! Read more …

Sameer Karim
Sameer has been playing and spectating professional Overwatch since launch, and has been absolutely engrossed with it. He recently started writing and is excited to cover the league as a Houston native and Outlaws fan. He started writing on Medium, and eventually branched out writing about other topics in OWL.

Overwatch League- Houston Outlaws vs. San Francisco Shock- S3W5

With both teams’ playoff hopes (and the hopes of a few other teams besides) on the line, the Houston Outlaws and San Francisco Shock simply could not afford to give their enemy an inch. The resulting match was an intense, if not flawed, affair. Read on and find out what made the game so crazy!


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Steve 'Wrekk' Oros
Wrekk comes from a background in fiction writing, stage performance, and education, intending to use that to add new flare to the world of esports journalism. However, no writer in the field would be complete without countless hours behind the console, and he was fabled to be born controller in hand. When not writing for OWS, Wrekk spends his time playing or working on other games.Follow Wrekk on Twitter!