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Shanghai Dragons Team Preview

In the weeks leading up to the start of Overwatch League’s second season, we’ll be introducing you to each team and updating you on their rosters, staff, and history. 

The Shanghai Dragons have had it rough. A grand total of zero wins to forty losses in the inaugural season of Overwatch League solidified them as the worst team in the league. The off season was marked by a major restructure of the team: new coaches, new management, almost an entirely new roster from some of Contenders’ finest. And with nothing to lose, the Dragons are ready to take their crown.

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Overwatch League Schedule Changes: What’s New, What’s Not

Last week, the Overwatch League announced major changes to the league’s schedule for the 2019 season. With the introduction of eight new teams next year, adjustments to the schedule were inevitable. 40 games per team would have given us a staggering 400 OWL matches in the regular season alone. This may sound like a fantastic plan to viewers, especially during the offseason when many of us are starving for more high-level matches to watch, but it’s realistically untenable at best.

Thankfully, almost every one of the announced changes has the end result of ‘more Overwatch’. Taken together, they’re producing both more games and more opportunities for teams to excel in the postseason. Perhaps more importantly, they’re reducing the intense schedule that led to stress and illness for players in the 2018 season. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the changes, and just how different next season will (or won’t) be. Read more …

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