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The 2019 Los Angeles Gladiators: New Shield Who Dis?

Meet the Gladiators

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Daniel is life long game player and day dreamer living in St. Paul, MN. He holds a Masters in Writing for Children and Young Adult from Hamline University and writes scripts for both comics and plays. He enjoys playing competitive Overwatch, even if he isn't so great, and enjoys hosting friends for couch co-op gaming. Check him out on Twitter!

Contenders China Recap: Week 3

This week’s Contenders China recap was completed with the invaluable help of Eren “Kenobi” Erkey — thanks for the assist!

We are now over halfway through the group stages of Contenders China, and we’re starting to get a good picture of who will be progressing to the playoffs and who will be headed back to trials. 3 teams in each group have locked in their playoff spot – T1w Esports Club, Team CC and LinGan e-Sports for Group A, and Big Time Regal Gaming, Flag Gaming and LGD Gaming for Group B. No one has yet been eliminated from playoff contention, however, so every matchup is still important.

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Ieuan "vowels" Hall is an Overwatch caster and analyst from the UK. When he isn't casting, he studies Maths at the University of Manchester and can be found rambling on Twitter about Chinese Overwatch, esports in general, and the Chicago Bears.