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Minority Report: I Am Not Your Brown Person

I don’t think I’ve experienced anything more polarizing than Blizzcon.

I tried and failed several times to write a Minority Report feature on it. Why wouldn’t I? It was my first Blizzcon, it was on my birthday, and my best friends surprised me with a supreme Brigitte armor set, complete with a mace to put directly in your face. I expected to write about me cheering for Australia instead of USA during World Cup (I was made an honorary Australian, don’t @ me), being pissed that Ashe was the new character (B.O.B is cool though), and struggling, first-world-problems style, with how the Brigitte armor significantly decreased my New York walking speed (I was called “Speedy” in high school for a reason). The whole weekend went by in a flash, but I remember a lot of smiles, a lot of incredible support for my cosplay, and a lot of time surrounded by the best friends a woman could ask for.

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