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Somewhere That’s Green — Meet Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse of the Boston Uprising

It’s sometimes hard to remember at my age and with all the insanity I’ve been through in what is relatively a short period of time, that there are people out there who truly enjoy what they do and who truly live in the moment. Even my cold, bitter, whiskey-dipped heart can’t help but feel inspired by those who come to Los Angeles with a goal in mind and not only reaching that goal, but also able to share that joy with others. Read more …

Brittany "Briggsycakes" Gonzalez is a litta bitta switcha hitta Trinirican winna from Philly/New York who now resides in California as the Los Angeles Valiant's official hypewoman/meme victim. She can easily be bribed with apple pie and macaroni and cheese and thrives when writing about her own personal experiences regarding humanity's place in the esports/social media age. Don't @ her unprepared. Follow Briggsy on Twitter here.