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Top 5 Matches of Chinese Contenders: Regular Season 3

At the start of Overwatch Chinese Contenders (OWCC) Season 3, quite a few people were excited to see what the region could offer. To many, hot off the hype from China’s great performance in the Overwatch World Cup, it seemed as good of a time as any to begin watching the region. While the current season was hindered slightly by things out of its control (teams folding, talent going to Overwatch League, and the rosterpocalypse) it still managed to produce some games that are well worth going back and watching. Here are Kenobi’s Top 5 games of the Chinese Contenders Regular Season 3. (Bonus: Youtube links to VODs are provided!) 

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Kenobi has been gaming since he could hold a PS1 controller. Currently studying Game design, he's been in love with Overwatch since beta and loves writing and talking about it with anyone. He's also an Overwatch color caster who has cast Open Division and Chinese Contenders Season 2.

10 Reasons To Start Watching Overwatch Contenders

Contenders season is upon us. It’s a very exciting time, but for many fans who are new to the Overwatch League and the Overwatch esports scene as a whole, entering into the wide open world of Tier 2 competition is daunting. I’ve heard a lot of excuses.

“I don’t know any of the players, who do I root for?”
“When is it even on? Isn’t it ALWAYS on?”
“I only know OWL, I feel like I’m not informed enough to start Contenders now.”

Good news. I’m here to get you on the Contenders train.

I’ll be blunt with you, especially those of you who have only watched the Overwatch League. There’s still another two months until OWL returns, there’s nothing else on, and whether you admit it or not, you’ll miss the action of games eventually. Luckily for us, there are seven – yes, SEVEN – active regions of Contenders that are almost always playing. Here are ten good reasons, from Contenders talent, coaches, and analysts, to stop crying into your stack of Outlaws jerseys and join the Contenders party.

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Liz is an educator and huge nerd from Chicago, IL who specializes in humor writing and personal essays. Her favorite thing is Overwatch esports; her second favorite thing is pretending iced coffee is a meal. She can be commonly found banning people on Twitch, running Discords, and making bad life choices at Target. Follow her on Twitter!

Contenders China Week 1: What We Learned

The first week of Contenders China has come and gone, and week 2 is almost upon us already. The region is undergoing a huge amount of turnover, as four new teams have come up from Open Division to compete and many of the star players we saw last season have moved on, presumably to the Overwatch League. Who can take up their mantles? How can teams which saw success previously but have had to make sweeping changes keep up with the competition? Here’s a brief rundown of what we learned in the first week.

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Ieuan "vowels" Hall is an Overwatch caster and analyst from the UK. When he isn't casting, he studies Maths at the University of Manchester and can be found rambling on Twitter about Chinese Overwatch, esports in general, and the Chicago Bears.