Rumor – Los Angeles Gladiators May Pick Up Void and Trade iRemiix

Los Angeles Gladiators Shields Up

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Los Angeles Gladiators have some trade rumors of their own and we continue to track what is happening around the league. Coming off of two wins this past weekend, here is the word on the street.


In a report put out by Slasher at ESPN, there are several trade rumors surrounding the Los Angeles Gladiators.


For starters a few days ago there has been talk that the L.A. Gladiators are looking to Jun-woo “Void” Kang from Kongdoo Panthera, this would enhance Fissure’s new position as main tank with Void playing support tank in All that being said, the rumor is the team is now looking to shop around Luis “iRemiix” Galarza Figueroa for a possible trade.


2018-03-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


These changes could be coming in after the team proved very solid with two wins over the weekend. Victories over the Valiant and London Spitfire proved the strategy behind Fissure who also made comments on his stream about London letting him go to the Gladiators. L.A. was one of the teams to begin the season with a smaller roster and still only host eight players. Void would be joining the team and moving iRemiix out of his spot. The Gladiators had been clear that they did not want a full roster in the beginning as quoted in our Interview with Coach David Pei:


Mash (OWS): Some teams have 12 some 7, all rosters change. Was it a choice to start with seven?


David Pei: I think originally we were looking at a slightly bigger roster like 8 or 9. We did not want to add players just for the sake of adding players. It is what I mentioned before, building out a core identity is the first step. It is really important. Every person I chose for this roster I believe in long-term success. Even if it is not with us, I believe they will have success, hopefully, it is with us, obviously. So, building the core identity and then adding people who really buy into this culture. Some players just wanted to get into Overwatch League to be in the Overwatch League, if that makes sense. We wanted people who did not just want into the League, we wanted people who buy into our culture and buy into our team. For example, pretty much everyone on this team had conflicting offers with this team. But, they chose this team because they knew what it meant to be a Gladiator. They knew this team would be different from others. I am happy to be able to sell that vision, but also am happy that everyone really wants to be here. It is very important to a team in the first place.


We will have to wait and see how these rumors play out, but for now it seems like the Gladiators are making some major adjustments in the tank positions for the upcoming stages.

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