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Zenyatta and Dva

Overwatch League – Watch Out! Support Edition

Today I’ll be talking about support players – one from each team. Supports have a special place in my heart – I played Medic in TF2 and Resto Druid in WoW, so I’ve always kept an eye on what the healers are doing in any game I follow. Overwatch is no exception, and what’s great is that their gameplay can be just as interesting and compelling as any Tracer’s or Genji’s! I hope you enjoy this closer look at 12 of my favorite support players. Each has the chance to really make his mark on the League this season. You can check out the rest of the Watch Out! series here.

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Winston and Zarya

Overwatch League – Watch Out! Tank Edition

In this new series by Brandon “thibbledork” Padilla, we tackle key aspects of the Overwatch League to watch out for as we get into the inaugural season. Today’s topic – tanks. A vital part of every team’s success, which tanks are going to shape the League’s earliest performances?

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Overwatch Arena

Opening Weekend Breakdown – January 10th Matches

We are only a few weeks away from opening weekend for Overwatch League. As things shape up we wanted to bring you a sneak peek at some of the matches on Wednesday. Many people have been edgy after preseason to pick their favorites. We will give you the quick breakdown.

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Overwatch Arena at Blizzcon

Taco’s Tactical Twelve – Overwatch League Power Rankings

It’s been a month to the day since our last power rankings. More importantly, we’ve had 11 of the 12 Overwatch League teams compete in the preseason, shining some much needed light on the initial speculation. Check out our updated rankings below, and stay tuned for updates once the season starts!

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overwatch assault map

Kungarna’s Contenders Roster Set – Announced

Team Kungarna, who have several alumni players in the Overwatch League have announced that their roster is all set for the next season of Overwatch Contenders. Kungarna lost babybay to the San Francisco Shock. They also lost iReMiix, Bischu, and DPei to the Los Angeles Gladiators, Kungarna has spent the offseason reloading their roster for the next season.

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