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Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Dragons – Shanghai Overwatch League Update!

Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons team name is the first to be announced among the first twelve Overwatch League franchises. While we here at OWS were expecting franchise identities and any speculation around rosters to receive a set of big announcements during Blizzcon, teams have been fast and furious lately getting new information out to the public ahead of the iconic convention.

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Interview with Ali “Alicus” Saba

Our interview series continues as Ali Saba “Alicus” formerly of London’s Cloud9 and the Misfits joins us today to give his thoughts and feedback on the Overwatch League and esports in general. Alicus has built some amazing teams and is a strong voice in esports for players. Here are his thoughts on the upcoming Overwatch League and a few other topics. We hope to see Ali much more involved soon!

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Chris 'Huk' Loranger

Interview with Boston’s Chris “HuK” Loranger

The Interview

This past week we sat down with Chris “HuK” Loranger from the Boston franchise to talk about the Overwatch League. The Kraft Group is one of the big names in the league and it is great to see how HuK is planning to build out the team.

  1. In terms of recruiting, you are still in the middle of the player signing window. How have things been going and have they matched your strategies?

HuK: It’s going well. I don’t think I could ever say anything differently. It’s been a very thorough process for us. We have a system where we want to be very diligent with who we sign, because unlike esports contracts which are a little more at will, Overwatch League contracts are iron clad more or less where if you sign a player, you “sign” a player and they are on your team for good and you have to pay that salary. From our standpoint, we’re looking for high skilled, humble, coach-able individuals. We think that is going to give us longevity and strength going into the first season and beyond. I think having those characteristics as a player is the most important. Especially if you look at Contenders and APEX results, where a lot of the teams who were really good in Season 0 are now struggling in Season 1.

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The Tactical Twelve Rankings

The Tactical Twelve Rankings

Here we are in the middle of the player signing window in Overwatch League Season One. Some teams have announced rosters some have announced players. There is no silver bullet, there is no clear horizon, we are in the fog and that is what makes this so much fun. When the top seven teams were first announced we had a power rankings list. Now that we have all twelve teams, we are going to make this a weekly feature on the site and we finally decided on our name: The Tactical Twelve Rankings.

So, with the news and the talks we have had, here is our breakdown of the league. This is purely speculative, we know that, but as we get into pre-season and season one, this list will become central to how the league shapes up.

12. Philadelphia – The only reason Philly comes in at number twelve was they have just been announced. Nothing is on the table right now with no announcements on players or staff. Simply, we have a team is all we know. The Flyers are behind it, which gives them access to a solid stadium, from there it is anyone’s guess. Comcast Spectacor is the main sponsor of the franchise and here is what the CEO said: “Comcast Spectacor is thrilled to play a central role in the Overwatch League’s inaugural season and energize the growing esports community in Philadelphia and beyond.” DAVE SCOTT, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF COMCAST

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