Overwatch League News

Overwatch League – Dragons vs Fuel – S3W1

And just like that Overwatch League is back! After what has been the busiest mid-stage signing period yet, we will see many teams with new faces. One of those teams is the Dallas Fuel who have swapped Custa for Unkoe, reuniting the Frenchman with AKM. As for the Dragons, we see some new faces with Ado and Daemin, and with the ever popular Geguri, they hope to gel they’re young roster and get their first victory of the season.

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San Francisco Shock

What To Watch For – Los Angeles Gladiators vs San Francisco Shock

San Francisco (don’t dare call them San Fran) Shock take on the Los Angeles Gladiators in the late game as Stage 3 kicks off tonight. The Shock come into Stage 3 9th overall with a 6-14 record and a 15 map deficit, while the Gladiators come in just one spot above them in 8th, with an even 10-10 record and just barely in the red on maps at -1. The Shock have remained quiet over the break with no trade announcements, while the Gladiators have acquired “Silkthread” from the LA Valiant. Will the acquisition of the high-profile DPS player catapult the Gladiators ahead of their interstate rivals, or will San Francisco begin to narrow the gap?

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The Los Angeles Valiant Announce Christopher “Grimreality” Schaefer Has Transitioned To Assistant Coach

The Los Angeles Valiant announced that Christopher “Grimreality” Schaefer has decided to step down from the active roster and take up an assistant coaching position within the organization. Long thought to be one of the future stars of the Valiant, Grimreality will not be taking the stage again for any Overwatch League team this season, and is looking to help his organization in a peer-coaching capacity.

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The Los Angeles Valiant Sell Ted “Silkthread” Wang to The Los Angeles Gladiators

In the battle for Los Angeles, Ted “Silkthread” Wang has clearly won, earning himself a trip to the better performing of the two teams. The Los Angeles Valiant’s turmoil of late has been well documented. They released star DVA player Envy, traded Unkoe to the Dallas Fuel, purchased Bunny from the Seoul Dynasty, allowed Grimreality to transition to coach, and now allowed another player to leave to go to a rival team.

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Dallas Fuel Custa

The Los Angeles Valiant Trade Benjamin “Unkoe” Chevasson to the Dallas Fuel for Scott “Custa” Kennedy

The Dallas Fuel completed a trade today with the Los Angeles Valiant. The press release came from the Fuel in a trade that explained a shift in support players. The Los Angeles Valiant also announced the trade on their website today. It’s a trade of two players that play the same position, so it is largely a hope by both teams hoping that a change of scenery will improve each team’s fortune. The Dallas Fuel press release is below. Read more …