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Loot Box – Overwatch League Will Win

Loot Box is our weekly look at Overwatch League financials. The Overwatch League will win, and here is why. This past week we saw some analysts and naysayers chime in to explain why investors will be underwhelmed with the season one of Overwatch League. As fans speculate on the levels of success at the league we wanted to break down some of the key factors which will herald the league’s huge potential growth as they get closer to season one. Forget what you have heard, this is the system we see as a victory.

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Miami Mayhem

Miami Mayhem may just be the name of the Misfits Overwatch League team. Sources have been hunting around the Trademark Search to see who files their team names. This is how the Los Angeles Gladiators and New York Excelsior were found. The Misfits look like they will continue their fun style if this name turns out to be accurate, which it 99% probably is.

Still not word on the team roster or how many players will be coming over from Europe to make up the team. However, the Misfits had a great run in Contenders only to lose in the finals to Team Giganti. We interviewed Cyril MICHEL and Joe El Ouassi back in August about their prospects going into Contenders and the Overwatch League itself. Back then the guys could not give much information.

However, now as the team name looks to be revealed, we should expect to see more news come out of Miami in the next few weeks. This organization does have a solid foundation and should be able to announce a roster soon. Many of the Misfits players remain on the team and there have been few reports about people being let go like we have see with so many other teams. There current team is:

Sebastian ‘Zebbosai’ Olsson

Tim ‘Manneten’ Bylund

Kevyn ‘TviQ’ Lindstrom

Aleksi ‘Zuppeh’ Kuntsi

Johan ‘CWoosH’ Klingestedt

Andreas ‘Logix’ Berghmans

We will have to wait and see if this roster changes at all in the future. Also what players will be added to the roster to fill out the talent. As far as the name goes we love Miami Mayhem! Hope it sticks and they have a logo just as cool as the team name. Other cities should be announcing soon, at this point we expect all team names and logos to be ready for BlizzCon, likely to sell team swag.


New York Overwatch League Team Speaks!

New York Overwatch League Team is finally talking! Scott Tester who is running the New York Organization just recently did an interview with Polygon’s Overwatch site HeroesNeverDie.com. The interview with Scott is a solid look at his insight into building the team and strategies. Coming from Blizzard directly, he has a unique insight. There had been rumors that NY would acquire LW Blue nothing like this is confirmed in the interview. However, Scott does answer a question about cultural changes for players.

I think to a certain degree there is gonna be some culture shock that people are going to deal with, whether they are moving to Los Angeles from Kansas or Seoul, players are still going to have to deal with that to a certain degree. Whether it’s living in a team house or in apartments or whatever each team decides to do, for people who haven’t lived in that environment before it could be a big change. And it’s going to be a lot to get used to really quickly. So, teams ability to adapt to that is going to be a big deal in the first season. – Scott Tester via HeroesNeverDie.com 

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Mosaic eSports Eyes Phoenix Overwatch League Spot?


This week we talked with Alexandre Simoes, Director of Players and Personnel, and Brandon Kim, CEO, of the Mosaic Esports organization. Many people are looking at their philosophy of building a professional Overwatch team right now with the Overwatch League about to start. However, Brandon and Alex have a plan, it is a good one, and it involves Phoenix, Arizona as the home to a future team.

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