Overwatch League News

overwatch league news

Overwatch League Weekly News Roundup

We just released our latest Overwatch League news roundup. Mash and I went over all of the most important news of late as well as covered some of what we think will be coming up soon. We cover player signings, new teams, expanding the reach of eSports and more. If you like what you see please spread the word, follow us on social media and youtube and of course leave a comment letting us know what you’d like to see more of!

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Immortals Winston Comments on 2nd L.A. Team

In a recent article found at thescoreesports.com the Immortals CEO Noah Winston weighed in on what it would be like to have a second team in Los Angeles. The Immortals were one of the first seven teams announced and in the past few days we have heard of the second L.A. team being purchased by the Kroenke family. The Kroenke family owns several major sports franchises including the L.A. Rams and British Premiere League’s Arsenal.

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How to Choose an Overwatch League Team

There’s a topic that we here at Overwatchscore have been talking a lot about behind the scenes that I wanted to touch on a bit. That topic is that in order for this league to truly be as successful as Blizzard wants it to be they’re going to need to find ways to make the sport accessible to people who aren’t already dedicated gamers. The first door that needs to be opened for them is the need to choose an Overwatch League team and while that might be easy for some potential fans who live in cities that host teams, many worldwide won’t be very close to a city that hosts a team.

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