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Laughing, Crying, Remembering: A Weekend with my Esports Family


If you followed the Overwatch League All-Star game this weekend, then you definitely laughed at least once. Whether it was while Custa and Bischu were giggling through casting, or while watching Reinforce literally carry his team to victory – we all found moments that made us smile. Constantly, I would catch myself laughing or simply sitting with a constant grin on my face. After a while, I got to thinking. Why is this whole experience so wholesome and familiar to me? Where are these feelings of nostalgia coming from? Why do I want to cry tears of happiness when Mickie does literally anything? Read more …

Overwatch League All Star Weekend Predictions: The Frog Queen Reigns Supreme

Overwatch is stressful. Sometimes, you just need to quit competitive mode and play some arcade. That mindset was used to think up the All-Star Weekend exhibition matches closing out Season 1 of the Overwatch League. On August 25th, 36 players – 18 from each division, Atlantic and Pacific — will be taking on games a little more fun than the high-stakes Overwatch they’re used to playing. We’re breaking down the game modes you’ll be watching and the players you should be paying attention to.

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Overwatch League Minority Report: The Loudest Minority

I’ve always hated my voice.


Depending on the day, it varies between contralto with hints of Philadelphia, New York, and Trinidadian accents, and that of a 12-year-old boy with strep throat who’s also going through puberty. I understand, to a point, how people could mistake my gender by hearing my voice without seeing my face. With time, I was able to shrug it off without feeling too offended. After all, I don’t think accidentally being considered male is offensive, unless it’s deliberately used to mock my femininity.

And then, there was Overwatch.

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