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Los Angeles Valiant Mercy

New Player Signings for Dallas Fuel and Los Angeles Valiant

Overwatch League New Player Signings

Recently fans on Reddit have been doing a great job compiling a list of prospective team rosters for the League. Multiple sources who wish to remain anonymous have told us about three player signings that will help add more completeness to that picture. We’ve got two players signing with the Los Angeles Valiant and one for the Dallas Fuel.

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OWL Rivalry… and it’s on Twitter?

Today Immortals announced their branding for the Overwatch League, the L.A Valiant.

Shortly after releasing their announcement tweet the San Francisco Shock responded by quoting the tweet and adding “Meh.” Not to be outdone on their big day the Valiant fired back with this tweet. Calling out the creation date and “fake followers” that the Shock account has. In a shocking turn of events, the Shock Twitter account removed the original tweet. Finally leaving the door open for the Valiant to finish off the Twitter match with this response. Giving L.A Valiant a 1-0 lead in the twitter battles.

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Los Angeles Valiant

Los Angeles Valiant Branding Announcement

Immortals => Valiant

The Los Angeles Valiant branding announcement was released today and we at OWS are excited. There have been a few team names that have scrounged up from the US Patent Office database recently. Among these names includes the other Los Angeles team’s name – the Gladiators. Since the Valiant were previously known as the Immortals, choosing the name Gladiators was an obvious instigation.

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Overwatch League Rumor Round-Up

This is our Overwatch League Rumor Round-Up for Monday, October 23rd, 2017. We are only seven days from the close of the signing window by the twelve teams. Information is sketchy at best. Everything we know is speculation with few official announcements. Insiders continue to break stories and hardcore fans follow close, but behind the curtain, it appears to be chaos. We will do our best to break down the rumors from this weekend:

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San Francisco Shock

Team Names and Logos

With the announcement of our third official team name, the San Francisco Shock we have a little better look at how teams will brand for the league.

Dallas Fuel, Shanghai Dragons, and the San Francisco Shock have all be revealed to the world. Some fans are having a hard time with these names, logos, or in some cases both. The thing esports fans are not considering is these brands have a broader appeal to the traditional sports fan. Regionality, marketability and a strong sense of community are all things that directly describe these brands.

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