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Overwatch League Minority Report: The Loudest Minority

I’ve always hated my voice.


Depending on the day, it varies between contralto with hints of Philadelphia, New York, and Trinidadian accents, and that of a 12-year-old boy with strep throat who’s also going through puberty. I understand, to a point, how people could mistake my gender by hearing my voice without seeing my face. With time, I was able to shrug it off without feeling too offended. After all, I don’t think accidentally being considered male is offensive, unless it’s deliberately used to mock my femininity.

And then, there was Overwatch.

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LA Gladiators Dpei: Season 1, Player Fatigue, the Gladiator Mindset (Part 1 of 2)

The LA Gladiators finished the inaugural season in fourth place overall, earning a spot in the seatson playoffs before losing in the first round to the London Spitfire. Gladiators Head Coach David “Dpei” Pei sat down with us here at Overwatchscore to talk about their first season. Part one of the extensive interview focuses on the Gladiators’ intense regular season, and Dpei’s growth as a coach. Check back in tomorrow for part two of the interview, where we discuss the playoffs and plans for Season 2!

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All-Star Preview: Pacific Team

All-Star Preview: Team Pacific

The Pacific All-Star Team hopes to channel their fiery mascot and light up early against Team Atlantic. Team Pacific boasts a much more diverse roster than their counterparts, with four different teams in their starting six. Of these, they will be looking to the tank line of Seyeon “Geguri” Kim and Chan-Hyung “Fissure” Baek to be the anchors of the team. However, it will take much more than the protection from these two tanks if the Pacific side wants to slay Goliath. Read more …

Atlantic All-Star

All-Star Preview: Team Atlantic

The New York Excel – I mean, the Atlantic All-Star team – is one of the most stacked rosters that Overwatch has ever seen. The team is headlined by league MVP Seong-Hyun “JJoNaK” Bang. With JJoNaK, half of NYXL, and some big name reserves, the Atlantic team certainly has star power. Against a scrappy and unpredictable Pacific lineup, though what will it take for the Atlantic team to secure the victory? Read more …