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New York Excelsior

Overwatch League – New York Excelsior vs Los Angeles Valiant – S1W2

Los Angeles comes into this match with hopes of proving to the world that they are a top tier team if they are able to defeat one of the “elite three”. New York is playing the hope crusher, as they want to come out and show just how good they are against who could possibly be their competition for best team in the continental U.S.

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Jacob Jake Lyon

Overwatch League – Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws – S1W2

Dallas Fuel vs. Houston Outlaws in week two, day two, of the Overwatch League. The match kicked off with the biggest rivalry of the west, the wild west that is. The Houston Outlaws came in with confidence after their win against the Shanghai Dragons, and the Dallas Fuel were still looking for a spark to give them their first win of the season. Here is the match breakdown.

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Los Angeles Gladiators Shields Up

Overwatch League – Meet the Los Angeles Gladiators

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Overwatch League is that all twelve teams represent cities from around the world. Los Angeles is unique in that it’s the only city in season one to have two teams – the Valiant and the Gladiators. Owned by Stan and Josh Kroenke of the Los Angeles Rams, the Gladiators wear purple and black into battle, and though their roster is small right now, they’re ready to prove that they can compete with any team.

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Seoul Dynasty Players

Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs Seoul Dynasty – S1W2

Florida Mayhem faced off against the Seoul Dynasty in match one tonight. Florida came onto the stage with swagger. Their small roster undeterred at the prospect of taking on Seoul. The analyst’s predicted Seoul to take this, and over at Overwatchscore we overwhelmingly thought Seoul would take it with a 4-0. Could Florida surprise us all and take a match off the early favourites for the OWL title?

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Overwatch League – San Francisco Shock vs Philadelphia Fusion – S1W2

Week two of the OWL’s inaugural season, stage one kicks off with the Shock taking on the Fusion. All members of the OWL analyst desk predicted Philadelphia to win this match, and unfortunately for San Francisco, those of us at Overwatchscore wholeheartedly agreed. After an initial “Shock and Awe” victory on map 1, the Fusion were able to come together to take the rest of the maps.

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Overwatch League – Watch Out! Week 2

Overwatch League –  Watch Out!: Week 2! I’ve added a couple other segments to cover key players and 1v1 matchups as well, so you know even more going into this week’s matches. This week is where we might really be able to draw some meaningful conclusions regarding teams’ performances, and I’m definitely excited to see what we find. Let’s get started!

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Los Angeles Gladiators Fans

Overwatch League – Week Two Staff Predictions

We took a staff poll on the week two games and have our collective predictions as well as commentary from Wrekk and Austin on each match. Let us know on Twitter what you think!

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