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New Year, New You — An Interview with Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung from the Seoul Dynasty

Everyone loves controversy.

Whether it be because it spices up an otherwise dull life, whether it be because life gives you lemons and you don’t feel like making your own lemonade, (desiring tea instead), or because the online persona that you are fascinated with somehow triggers a deep and passionate response that your Twitter fingers can’t help but transcribe. Read more …

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Overwatch League: This Week’s Action

OverwatchScore Recaps are back!

Austin ‘thinkhard’ White and Brittany “Briggsycakes” Gonzalez recap this past weekend’s matches. We’ve developed a new format to hit each match quickly in case you missed them. So sit back, and enjoy 4 days worth of games in about 2,000 words or so. Read more …

Minority Report Profiles: Izayaki

Experiencing Tranquility: Kim “Izayaki” Min-chul

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

With GOATS still going strong despite some upcoming changes potentially shutting it down, however you feel about this polarizing meta, there is a silver lining among the 3-3 clouds: watching incredible Zenyatta game-play, given that it’s arguably the closest to prime DPS play that we are currently going to get.

Someone who has made a name for himself as a breakout Zenyatta player this season is Kim “Izayaki” Min-chul from the Los Angeles Valiant. Initially playing for both KNC Vmax and NC Foxes back in Overwatch Contenders Korea as a flex support before being signed as Valiant’s 12th player;it has become obvious that Izayaki’s precision-level accuracy, improved communications, and clutch plays have garnered attention of late.

I spoke to him last week (on his birthday!) after the Valiant’s game against NYXL along with Andrew Kim, the team’s translator.

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OWL Power Rankings through February

End of February OWL Power Rankings

The season has kicked off with surprises all around. The new GOATS meta has adjusted the Power Rankings pretty quickly (and dramatically). No longer do teams with a collection of individually skilled players sit atop the standings. In Season Two the most important quality to have is cohesive communications.

Before the season started some of the teams which reigned supreme last year saw themselves on top of many analyst and fans power rankings. Those teams often succeeded so well due to their having very highly skilled individual players. This year, London, both Los Angeles teams, the San Francisco Shock, and even the Philly Fusion have struggled, despite having some of the most skilled rosters. NYXL still remains at the top of the standings, as their communications have been on point, while teams like Paris, Vancouver, and even Toronto have surprised due to their cohesive game-play.

So here’s the breakdown of how I see the league broken up at this time, and how that’s changed since the preseason. Read more …

8 Things To Watch For: OWL 2019’s Chinese Teams

Overwatch League has added three new Chinese teams during the expansion. Each has their own unique storyline going into this season. The Chinese region has an increased global attraction after the success of their 2018 World Cup team as well as the powerful rosters within their Contenders region. Here are two things each team should look for this upcoming season.

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Minority Report: When Worlds Collide

In this week’s Minority Report, the LA Valiant and the LA Kings hockey team collide in a crossover for the ages. 

In college, I used to watch a lot of old science fiction movies. The 1950’s were rife with them due to an otherworldly fascination with space travel and new technologies. One of my favorite ones was  “When Worlds Collide,” which depicts humanity’s reaction when we discover that a rogue star is on a collision course with Earth. While I watched the inevitable frenzy that would occur in an apocalyptic situation like that, something stood out to me: the fact that people weren’t even willing to accept the situation until it was too late. The five stages of grief shone in full, global display, as the world they knew was about to be literally annihilated.

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