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Toronto Defiant / Courtesy Overwatch League

Team Summary 

To build their team, the Toronto Defiant went with an all-Korean roster built from the backbone of O2 Team from Contenders. With this choice, they have a built-in level of team cohesion that could stand out against the other new expansion teams. Aid, a former GGEA Academy and GC Busan support, is absolutely one player to watch. Other notable signings include former Boston Uprising flex support Neko and former LA Valiant offtank Envy.

Current Roster 

Park “Neko” Se-HyeonToronto DefiantSupport
Lee “Stellar” Do-HyungToronto DefiantDPS
Lee “Ivy” Seung-HyunToronto DefiantDPS
Kang-jae “envy” LeeToronto DefiantTank/Flex
Jo “Yakpung” Gyeong-muToronto DefiantTank
Go “Aid” Jae-yoonToronto DefiantSupport

Recent News 


Toronto Defiant Announced As Toronto’s Overwatch League Team

The Toronto Overwatch League team has finally announced their name and colors to the world.  The Toronto Defiant is the first Canadian team to reveal their branding and is the second expansion team to do so, a day after the Atlanta Reign reveal. Both teams will join the Atlantic Division alongside season one champions London Spitfire.

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