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Seoul Dynasty Dva

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Seoul Dynasty coaches and director got together with us to talk about steps going into the preseason. Coaches Yo Han Kim, Ho Jeong Chae, and Director Jung Ho Yun take time to answer questions. The Dynasty are favorites going into season one. Here is what their team has to say about preparing for next week and 2018. What is your fundamental approach to teamwork?


Coach Yo Han Kim: My ideal approach to resolving conflicts in teamwork is to try not to blame others but rather to focus on changing myself to resolve the situation. Teamwork is not about what others can do for you but about what you can do for them.

OWS: Many are predicting you as the season favorite, what are your goals going into season one?


Director Jung Ho Yun: It is of utmost duty of a pro team make come true whatever public predicts by winning championship. At the same time, we seek to provide the most engaging and complete esports experience to the audience and fans across the globe. In short, winning championship and expanding fan base.


Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


OWS: What were some of the hardest decisions putting your team together?

Coach Ho Jeong Chae: We put in a lot of effort to recruit members equipped with what the existing Lunatic-hi was short of, which would accordingly create synergy as a team. Every candidate we looked to recruit was more than qualified, so it was a difficult decision-making process.


OWS: What are your hopes going into Preseason?

Coach Yo Han Kim: To keep this team going like it has been; the relationship between players, cooperation with coaching staffs, overall team atmosphere, and passion from all, focused as one to make it through preseason and to the end of regular season.


OWS: How has the team been preparing for matches? Do you have an approach to training?

Coach Ho Jeong Chae: We cannot fully disclose our team training methods and practices for the risk of strategy leakage. However, we can tell you that we are trying to come up with a strategy that covers every 11 players’ personalities, advantages and disadvantages in order to create maximum synergy.


OWS: What is your message to fans for the coming season?

Director Jung Ho Yun: To all of those who root for Seoul Dynasty, and who will meet us for the first time through Overwatch League, Seoul Dynasty will be a team to give more wonders over victories. Stay tuned for our social media, Youtube, and twitch. Thank you!

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