Interview with Seoul Coach Baek Kwang-Jin 

We got the chance last week to talk to Seoul Coach Baek Kwang-Jin about preparing for the Overwatch League in the coming months.  The Lunatic-Hai Manager/Coach is planning for a serious assault on the league with one of the top teams. Here is what he had to say:

  1. Are you excited to bring the team into the Overwatch League? Lunatic Hai has been at the top and now it seems like this league will bring in the best competition in the world.

I am very pleased to work with the back-to-back winners of APEX Season 2 and 3 for the Seoul team in the Overwatch League. Our team will devote time and energy into training to bring the championship back to Korea and earn the value and popularity that traditional professional sports teams are known for.

  1. What has you relationship been like with Kevin Chou in setting up this new franchise?

Kevin Chou provides full support, for instance, the best training equipment and facilities, along with health management, media training, and English language tutoring to the players to positioning the players as professional global athletes. I want to be part of his vision for the team and will endeavor to win the championship in the first season of the Overwatch League.

  1. In terms of players, your current roster is very strong, how are you looking at enhancing that roster?

There are six more player positions to fill and Kevin and I are working together on this to select the best players who can represent Seoul and establish the best teamwork with the players here. Also, We’re teaming the best players, coaches, and training programs in Korea with the capital, logistics, and data-driven technology of Silicon Valley.

  1. Do you feel like Doomfist is ushering in a new meta to finally break the dive meta mechanics?

No. The launch of Doomfist was planned from the beginning and I think this is just the right time to make changes to the existing meta.

  1. For the league to succeed, do you feel like more characters and combinations need to be played by teams?

Of course. If the meta is fixed, viewers and gamers are getting bored. Change that is too rapid should be avoided. However, too cautious patch could be the cause of losing interest.

  1. Without giving away secrets, what do you feel are two extremely important qualities in a Pro-Overwatch player that you look for?

I believe a talent for gaming and endurance for developing the talent are the most essential qualities that players need.

  1. With so many changes to Overwatch even in its first two years, how do you adjust to changes in the game quickly to stay competitive?

There are many variable to consider in Overwatch. Whenever new heroes are released or the existing heroes change the skills, there are always many turns. To deal with the changes, I tried to have a lot of discussion with players to come up with some proper countermeasures.

  1. Seoul already has a passionate fan base, how do you see the team growing in the local market and around the world?

Seoul is the birthplace of eSports, and the fans here have led the global community in supporting a worldwide phenomenon. It is important to us to have a great relationship with local fans as we prepare the Seoul team for the global stage. We will expand the fan base and draw greater participation and interests into our Seoul team to realize our goal of bringing eSports to a global competitive arena.

  1. The 2,2,2 combo seems best right now, but do you see different combos coming in as maps change in the competition? Your team has switched to some unconventional characters in the past.

I will definitely develop a new strategy if maps change or new heroes are released.

  1. Being considered a front runner in the league, how do you prepare for all the other teams planning to take your top spot? What are some of your strategies?

It is essential to have systematic healthcare, fitness management program besides basic training since the league will be held all around the world. I will support the players to be the global athletes and the roaster to be the best team with various training as well as media training, and English language tutoring.


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