Overwatch League Preseason Seoul Dynasty vs. Shanghai Dragons

Seoul Dynasty Dva

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Seoul Dynasty fight Shanghai Dragons in the final preseason game of the night. The Dynasty win 4-0 but not without a huge fight from the Dragons. Shanghai had a great showing from Diya with some solid DPS. However, Dynasty continues their reign, here is how the match breaks down.

Date: December 6th

Stage: Preseason

Match: Shanghai Dragons vs. Seoul Dynasty


Game 1: Started with Dorado setting up a big push. Seoul attacks with D.va and Winston on the payload. Dragons head to a choke point for defense. No way to stop them. Seoul pushes through point A with Wekeed on Pharah. Bunny did not die at all. Dragons only had 5 kills. Seoul takes map 1D quickly on the push. Dragons start their push able to make it through the first choke point. Xushu plaing a solid Pharah and they take point A. Moving well through the map. Diya is having success with Dragons Tracer play. The team moves through point B. Dynasty showing some chinks in their armor. However, the match ends with a dead stop at the final point when Dynasty pulled the stop together. Still a great run by the Dragons, but the match goes to Dynasty.


Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


Game 2: Seoul swaps out tanks and add Fleta in for DPS. Undead joins the squad for Dragons. Anubis is the map we face. Attack goes to Dynasty. Dragons use Soldier 76 and Genji on defense. Some solid Widow tricks take the objective. On to point 2, Seoul continues to push. Ryujehong has some solid hits with Zenyatta to win the map. Dragons attack and Diya clears house to take point A. Dynasty pushes back on point B in a desperate attempt. Tobi uses Moira for the first time. The Dragons tie it up. Seoul comes back with quick play and a huge push at point B. Dynasty takes map two.


Game 3: Zunba and Munchkin come in for Seoul as we move to Oasis. Ryujehong starts with some amazing Ana play. Shanghai holds the point though. Zenyatta play is solid from Seoul as the team pulls out the objective even though Dragons had a 99%. Map 1 goes to Dynasty. Shanghai goes into the next map without a Pharah. Dynasty starts to take control. Using Ultimates the Dynasty are able to step it up for Map 3. Shanghai continues to impress though.


Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons

Courtesy of Blizzard


Game 4: Eichenwalde sets the stage as Dynasty attacks. Wekeed crushes with the Pharah. Still Dragons push back with some solid McCree play. Dynasty regroups and is able to push through the first checkpoint. Now the make the run to the final stop. Shanghai is looking desperate here. Dynasty push through off of Wekeed’s strong finish. Dragons attack and Dynasty are able to hold them off the first big push. A lot of Ults spent in the process but nothing for Dragons. The Dragons grab the point in the last second.


Match Score: 4-0 Seoul Dynasty

MVP: Ryujehong (fantastic support and picks)

Match Rating: 5.5/10

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