Overwatch League Preseason San Francisco Shock vs the Florida Mayhem

San Francisco Shock

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

In the first match of the Overwatch League Preseason the San Francisco Shock takes down the Florida Mayhem in 3 maps. Wrekk breaks down the Shock win over the Mayhem as the favored Mayhem fail to finish early on.


Date: December 6th, 2017

Stage: Preseason

Match: Florida Mayhem vs. San Francisco Shock


Game 1 (Dorado) Shock Win 2-1

Shock starts on Defense, with Mayhem pushing.  Nevix takes first blood.Tviq struggles twice to get a good Dragon Blade, ends empty handed.  Point A is taken easy, but Shock brings the heat and Sleepy comes in clutch with the Transcendance.  Shock ends Mayhem’s push just short of Point B.  Babybay tears through Mayhem as Widowmaker unchecked all round.  Manneten fights back with Self Destructs, backed with support from Mayhem.  The defense holds till Logix as Widowmaker falls, and Shock pushes to Point B, taking the victory.


Game 2 (Temple of Anubis) Shock Win 4-3

Shock starts on Defense again.  Logix takes no time to get to the point, but Iddqd takes him out as Tracer.  Nomy drops to a rookie mistake against Self Destruct.  No sweat, Mayhem claims both points for the win in Round 1.  Shock charges in for round 2 and just crushes.  Babybay cleans house, claims Point A.  Babybay brings Dragon Blade up, claims 3 kills and round 2 goes to Shock.  Iddqd and Babybay tag team to claim Point A.  Mayhem bunkers down on defense, keeping Shock away.  Round 3 goes to Mayhem.  Round 4 stalls and stays slow.  This round falls into OT, but Mayhem can’t keep up. Get Babybay a babysitter!  Shock takes Victory.


Game 3 (Oasis) Shock Wins 2-1

Control Point opens, goes to Mayhem.  Tviq having a hard time with 76.  Manneten brings it back around with Roadhog.  Shock fights back, Mayhem has 72%.  Logix wasted Pulse Bomb.  Mayhem takes it back, 70% for Shock.  OT, Round 1 goes to Mayhem.  Round 2, Mayhem opens the Point.  Manneten goes fishing, catches Babybay as Pharrah. Iddqd pushes heat.  Into OT, Shock pulls around, takes round 2.  Round 3, Mayhem sneaks in and takes the point. Doesn’t give up when Shock comes back.  Into OT at 99% Mayhem, Shock takes the point for a chance at the win.  Iddqd hunting Mayhem down, OT comes and Shock wins.


Game 4 (Eichenwalde) Mayhem Wins 3-2

Mayhem on attack, round 1.  Mayhem brings heat, claims Team kill and Payload. Tviq’s riptires are driving this car. Tviq shuts down Nevix’ Dragon Blade.  Check point claimed.  Mayhem dominates and wins round 1.  Shock starts round 2 with force, takes payload.  Babybay waves goodbye to Tviq, tragic end.  Shock keeps the pressure, Danteh on Genji cuts through Mayhem.  Nevix drops Self Destruct, claims almost all of Mayhem and Check Point.  Shock only 4.6 meters away, 1 minute left.  Mayhem holds on for the win

Match Score: 3-1 San Francisco Shock Victory

MVP: Babybay (SF Shock)

Match Rating: 7/10


Steve 'Wrekk' Oros
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