Playing Zenyatta, Roster Changes, and More With Sleepy from the San Francisco Shock | Overwatch League

San Francisco Shock Sleepy

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

I chat with with Sleepy from the San Francisco Shock about playing and improving as a professional Zenyatta player, roster additions and lineup changes, staying motivated in a long Overwatch League season, and more. This video was shot in the last week of Overwatch League Stage Three before the finals.

Sleepy and Nevix are the only San Francisco Shock players who were a part of the starting roster in Stage One that are still in the starting lineup today. With Choi Hyo Bin joining the team, it’s likely that he will be the last of the starting lineup standing soon. For a player with no previous professional experience before Overwatch League, it’s been amazing watching him grow, learn, and earn a place as an anchor player on a great team!
Sam 'Taco' Owens
Sam 'Taco' Owens is a lifelong gamer who has been playing Blizzard titles for over 20 years. Co-founder of Overwatchscore and content-creator, Taco loves taking a quantitative approach with his analysis. Follow Taco on Twitter!
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