Philadelphia Fusion – EQO Interview

2018-03-21 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Philadelphia Fusion have had a mixed team all season. One of their stand out has been Josh “EQO” Corona. He is a force on the maps and has helped the team get to the Grand Finals. Here is what he had to say during media day yesterday.


You just got interviewed by NBC sports, how crazy is that? Did you ever expect that playing Overwatch would get you being interviewed by NBC sports and ESPN?

EQO: In a way I did expect it. I always knew I was meant for greatness, that’s how they say it, right? Because I had so much passion, there is no way I could ever fail. With my dedication and the passion I have for the game, I just didn’t see a future where I was not succeeding. I guess that’s why I am like kind of normal about it.


We saw some of that passion come out during the interviews after you guys beat New York. Especially when everyone seems to make excuses for New York and why you guys won, how did you feel about that? Why do you think people have been doing that?

EQO: I think it’s like the famous story of the underdogs, you know? When they are winning, there are always these excuses.  New York were backed by a lot of passionate fans, that can’t see that their favorite team lost. In reality, we were better and they were not. They didn’t adapt. They didn’t play properly. The meta has been in their favor for a very long time. When it was time to step up in the Playoffs, you know this is your moment to shine, and they couldn’t bring it to the table and that’s pretty much everything.


Following up on that, the meta you mentioned. We saw that New York did not adapt while you guys were able to do so. How do you feel about the MVP award being given out just almost before the meta shifted? And how do you feel about Jjonak receiving it?

EQO: I definitely think JJonak receiving the award is appropriate. I think he is one of the players that deserved it. He has been consistently the best Zen in the league for a very long time. It’s not just being the best Zen, he is just above others in a very dominant way. He has proven his worth as a player, so he is definitely worthy of the MVP title.


Earlier, I heard you talking about that you started playing games when you were very young. When you are not playing Overwatch, what are you trying to keep up with?

EQO: I try to socialize, keeping good relationship with my teammates is important. I try to talk to people, with the Koreans in my team, or the westerners. For Overwatch, being up there is not only about being inside the game, you know? You have to be up there, outside of the game as well, and you have to be supportive outside the game. So this something everyone should consider if they like playing Overwatch.


You mentioned how you got players from all over the world in Philadelphia. How do you think that helped you guys throughout the season? You see teams like London or New York, who have just a roster of one nationality. How do you feel about bringing different nationalities in?

EQO: I definitely think there is a difference between mixing nationalities or not. But I don’t think it’s like an advantage or disadvantage. In a way, it helps you a bit. But I think for people that play games, there is only one way to play games correctly. You don’t have to be all from the same country to know which way it is being played. I feel like that is the beauty about esports, you can be from everywhere, but you can think the same.


Last year you were able to represent team Israel. How did it feel to play for your home country?

EQO: I was proud to represent my country. I don’t think I brought the best performance on stage, I was very nervous. It was the first LAN I have ever been to. I didn’t show up [with my performance], and we lost in the group stage. I am thankful for the experience I got, as I feel like that made me grow a lot as a person. It also made me realize that it is pretty much just me and the game, there is nothing else. I think that helped me a lot in Overwatch.


How did you get the name EQO, how did you stick with that?

EQO: (laughs). It is pretty much just a name I got when I was younger, kind of in an emotional way. So I just took it to the extreme. Obviously, I am not an EQ zero person. I don’t think that one could be an EQ zero person, but mostly I wanted to represent the extreme of myself.


One last question, do you guys think you will win in two or three games?

EQO: I think it’s gonna be a tough match. I honestly just can’t say what is gonna happen. I hope it goes to a third match, because I just want to play on stage as much as possible before going home.



Austin White
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