Overwatch League – Philadelphia Fusion Interview With Joemeister

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Overwatch League Media Day gave us a ton of stories. Philadelphia Fusion‘s Joseph “Joemeister” Gramano sat down with us to talk about the team and his approach to the future of Overwatch League.


OWS: The team is from a lot of different places. What is something that has challenged you guys to become a cohesive unit?


Joemeister: That’s a really interesting question. I don’t think it is a challenge so much as it is something to get used too maybe. That has to do with the more cultural aspect. Most of the players have not been to America so for them, it is a bit of a culture change. Myself, being more familiar with it, I kind of teach them through things. That’s not really a challenge though, it’s pretty exciting actually.



OWS: What is your relationship with other teams? Do you guys hang out or keep to yourselves?


Joemeister: Right now, we are mostly keeping to ourselves. A lot of us have been in the scene for a while now so we are friendly with other teams. Players we know and run into at other events. Our team is pretty close with the other teams overall.


Philadelphia Fusion Team Photo

Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Fusion


OWS: Because of the FaZe Clan history, do you think Philly vs. Houston will become a long-term rivalry?


Joemeister: I think the Houston Outlaws will always be a bit of a long-term rival for us. We do have a past. So I think that means every time we play them we will be doing our best.


OWS: Rawkus had a lot to say about you guys (laughs).


Joemeister: Ah, good to know!



OWS: How much do you think the travel schedule will change things in season three?


Joemeister: I think at the start it will be a big challenge. Once we get used to the traveling we will adjust to jet lag issues and all. At the start, it will pose a challenge to many teams. Just making sure individually we keep ready.



OWS: Has the team offered mental support to keep you fit?


Joemeister: We do have a lot of support staff. They are distributing responsibilities and working closely with us to make sure we don’t burn out. The support is there.



OWS: Say you win grand finals, what is something you will do with extra money?


Joemeister: I’m 24, so my main priorities are to look into the future and maybe a family, property, a nice car (laughs). Right now, we are focused on the competition. The winning is important and the rest will come in time.

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