Neptuno Will Not Play in World Cup

2018-06-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Yesterday, Philadelphia Fusion ace support Alberto “neptuNo” González took to Twitter to say he will miss the Overwatch World Cup. Neptuno would be playing for team Spain. Here are some of his thoughts.


The Philadelphia Fusion drew high praise for defying all odds and making the Overwatch Grand Finals. As a team from mixed nations, they became a fan favorite. Now that season one of Overwatch League is in the books. Many people expected players to go back and play for their home nations in the world cup.


That is not the case for Neptuno. He is taking a break. This is from Neptuno’s Twitter feed.


I am not participating in the WorldCup. I made this decision long ago but did not want to make it official until I was back home. I got really burnt out during OWL Season1 , I gave everything I had to improve as a player and make the team better. It was a good run and probably the best experience I’ve ever had in my life.




I want to keep improving and be the best player I can for my team in OWL. 

And after so many months of non-stop scrims, thinking about the game, what can we improve as a team, what can I improve, how can I be a better teammate, going into stage and give everything every single time… kidney stone during 45 days, tonsilitis, stomach acid problems, sleep problems …

I’ve decided that the best for me as a person and player is to not participate in the WorldCup. I want some free time and focus on having fun in the game I love and stop being tilted-annoyed-stressed for a while.

I am so sorry for those who I may dissappoint but this decision is not meant to hurt anyone, just to make me reset. Also Thank team spain for everything and I hope they have a good run in the WorldCup, I’ll be watching it and cheering for my country and players I respect a lot.

And sorry for my english xD




It seems like burnout is high among players after season one. Check out Nick D’Orazio’s article over at InvenGlobal for a clear view of player burnout.


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