Fusion Smelt Excelsior In Upset Semi-Final Blowout

2018-01-26 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The first Semi-final match of the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League pitted the #1 seed New York Excelsior versus the #6 placing Philadelphia Fusion in what promised to be a classic northeast style brawl. The NYXL roster is chocked with the highest level of players, including the Overwatch League MVP Jjonak, and are the statistical favorites to become the Season 1 Champions, but that was a patch and over a month ago…

Starting Lineups

NYXL – Pine, Ark, Jjonak, Meko, Mano, Saebyeolbe
Fusion – Carpe, Eqo, Sado, Hotba, Boombox, Neptuno

Map #1Dorado (Escort)

Carpe comes out of the gate and opens the match by taking Ark’s face off with a headshot. Setting the tone of the match, the Fusion rolled over the Excelsior through point A. On the path through the second point the Excelsior are able to perform their first hold of the map just short of the point before the Fusion reset and pushed through. Finally on the bend to the goal the Excelsior hold the Fusion, cut them off at the chokepoints, and deny them the full score on the map.

The Excelsior push out hard, but the Fusion are able to reset them just short of point A. Pine swapping to the Genji quickly builds his ultimate and unleashes it onto the Fusion to clear them off the payload and allow the Excelsior to secure the point. Pushing into point B the Excelsior cause a full reset and push the payload easily through point B. Saebyeolbe unleashes and wipes Eqo and Neptuno from the map on the road to point C. The Fusion buckle down and despite Doomfist Pine jumping into the extended brawl the Excelsior are unable to get the payload to the goal.

Philadelphia Fusion WIN 3-2

Map # 2Oasis (Control)

The Gardens of Oasis explode with all out battles that whittled down to the oddest duels. Pine vs Hotba was the first odd one-on-one, with Pine on the losing end but the stall had been enough to prevent the Fusion from the flip. Then while the Fusion gained control Eqo looked for the barrage that was quickly rebuffed by Meko with Defense Matrix in flight to meet him and get the elimination thanks to the splash damage. Eventually the Fusion eek out the win 100%-99%.

In City Center of Oasis it was the Fusion to take control first and maintained it until 64% when the Excelsior flipped it and held to gain control advantage. The Fusion realign into a dive composition, but the classic strategy did not give them the win as the Excelsior performed a full hold to the end.

Finally in University of Oasis the Fusion came in strong, took control, and refused to relinquish it until they had already accumulated 85% of control. With a critical Self-Destruct from Hotba that deleted 3 members of the Excelsior, the Fusion were able to take the point back and bring control to 99% before once again being pushed off by the Excelsior. The Fusion come back fiercely, take the point back, and after Jjonak fell into the pit secure the win on the round and the map.

Philadelphia Fusion WIN 2-1

Map #3Eichenwalde (Hybrid)

2018-03-01 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Fusion come out with an over the top flanking brawl push using a triple tank/triple support composition. The fight on the point was furious with eliminations being traded, but there was no reset with the Fusion eventually capturing the point. As the drive begins the Fusion swap over to a triple-DPS composition and brawl their way through point B and on to point C, eliminating over 100% more opponents than the Excelsior.

The Excelsior push out but are quickly shut down by the Fusion. Saebeyolbe runs a long a flank, but is spotted by Hotba. As the Excelsior return to the point and begin the fight Saebeyolbe chooses to rejoin them, but any element of surprise and a potential stick with a Pulse Bomb is quickly lost. Eventually the Excelsior are able to capture the point and begin the payload rolling to point B, but the Fusion are fierce in their defense. The Excelsior get the payload to inches from point B with the overtime wick lit, but the Fusion decisively shut them down to win the map and the match.

Philadelphia Fusion WIN 3-1

Final Score – Philadelphia Fusion defeat New York Excelsior 3-0

Dave Av3 M0rt3m Konig
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