Excelsior Falls, Fusion Advances to Grand Finals at Barclays Center

2018-05-19 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The final day of Semi-final matches of the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League pits the #1 seed New York Excelsior versus the #6 placing Philadelphia Fusion. In the first match the Fusion rolled the Excelsior, setting this match to become either a huge upset, or a sweet comeback story.

Starting Lineups

NYXL – Pine, Ark, Jjonak, Meko, Mano, Libero
Fusion – Carpe, Eqo, Sado, Poko, Boombox, Neptuno

Map #1 – Junkertown (Escort)

2018-02-10 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Fusion come out on attack in a double sniper composition and this time Pine sets the tone by sniping Eqo AND Carpe. The Excelsior initially are able to hold against the Fusion, but Eqo on Hanzo wrecks the defensive line allowing the Fusion to take point A. The road to point B is long and windy, but the Fusion are able to drive it forward despite vicious attacks from Jjonack on Roadhog and Libero on Hanzo. On the turn to point C Meko delivers a major Self-Destruct to wipe the Fusion off the payload and set up for a hold. The Fusion are able to flank around, break the hold, and deliver the payload to point C despite a last ditch defensive effort from a still struggling Excelsior.

The Excelsior come out on attack in a double sniper composition, but it is Libero setting the tone by dealing damage that Pine uses for the cleanup to allow the Excelsior to easily take point A. As the door from point A is opening, Libero lines up a Dragonstrike, releases it and shatters the Fusion defensive line. The Excelsior drive to inches from point B before a Fusion defense re-materializes. The Fusion break down despite Sado holding his ground the longest. On the path to point C once again Libero and Pine are zoning the Fusion into the path of the Dragonstrike and lining them up for the headshots. The Fusion quickly caught on to the tandem work and both Eqo and Sado delivered essential kills to break the offense and hold against the Excelsior in a position that they were able to maintain until time ran out giving them the map win.

RESULT: 3-2 Philadelphia Fusion Wins

Map # 2 – Liajang Tower (Control)

Okay seriously, watch the video. This match was insane and is the type of game you would expect in the Grand Finals. No words will do it justice.

RESULT: 2-1 New York Excelsior

Map #3 – Kings Row

The Fusion come out on attack and immediately pounce on the Excelsior, driving them from the point for a quick release of the payload. They continue the drive through the streets of Kings Row, landing important Dragonstrike’s and Carpe keeping them in the fight at point B. The continued drive to point C also went relatively well for the Fusion, finishing the map in 4:13 potentially breaking the record for the quickest push.

The Excelsior come out on attack, their momentum from the one map win already in tatters from the Fusion’s run, and get held in the first fight. The second fight, the Excelsior are held again. The third fight, the Fusion maintain their hold. As the round drags on the Excelsior become more panicked and divided, with Janus and Saebyeolbe often caught alone and in a bad position to begin the fight’s downward spiral. In the end, the Fusion completely hold the Excelsior on Kings Row in a dominate fashion.

RESULT: 3-0 Philadelphia Fusion

Map #4 – Hanamura

The Fusion come out on attack and poke into point A but quickly pull back and reorganize for a point rush. When they do make the push they do so definitively and, despite a defensive attempt by the Excelsior, quickly take point A. The push onto point B is neither as definitive or as successful. Fight after fight the Fusion are pushed back despite using their ultimates. The Excelsior maintain their iron grasp on point B and run the timer out denying the Fusion even one tick.

The Excelsior come out on attack and immediately Jjonak on Ana puts two of the Fusion players to sleep allowing point A to easily become taken. When it came to point B, the Excelsior dove in fast and furiously. Jjonak again put another four Fusion players to sleep resulting in their deaths at crucial moments. The Excelsior steadily gained control fight by fight, ultimate by ultimate, until securing the one crucial tick they needed for the map win.

RESULT: 2-1 New York Excelsior

Map #5 – Dorado

2018-03-21 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Fusion come out on attack… and the screen went blank. Due to technical difficulties we were unable to see how the Fusion got the payload moving, but when next we saw them they were at the choke with the teams clashing that resulted in a hold at point A for the Excelsior. The Fusion regroup and are able to push the payload through point A and on the road to point B before the Excelsior are able to stop the payload at the midway point. Eqo delivers the final blows to send the Excelsior back to spawn and the Fusion drive the payload to point B. On the path to point C, in the same bend that the Fusion locked out the Excelsior in the first game, the Excelsior begin their hold forcing the Fusion to reset. The Excelsior begin their hold but are broken thanks to Poko and Eqo delivering big. With a meter left for the payload to lock into point C, the Excelsior make their last fight to hold. Saebeyolbe, Meko, and Ark all clutched up to keep the payload on lock down while Jjonak delivered the final blows and damage needed to send the Fusion back to their spawn. The Excelsior maintain their meter-hold and deny the Fusion the third point.

Excelsior come out on attack and again Jjonak is delivering the sleep darts, specifically on Neptuno who goes down early leaving the Fusion supportless. The teams clash, and it is Pine’s Dragonblade onto Neptuno and Eqo that opens the pathway for the Excelsior to drive through point A. Onward to point B, Pine headshots Carpe from afar and as Neptuno goes in for the resurrection it is Mano who takes out the healer for the Excelsior to get through point B. On the bend to point C the Excelsior find themselves in the same place they were in the first match of the Semi-Finals. The Excelsior, with less than a minute remaining, swap into a triple tank/triple support composition and push into point C… but are rebuffed by the Fusion and pushed off the payload. With seconds left the overtime wick lights but quickly burns out as the Fusion secure the map and match win.

RESULT: 3-2 Philadelphia Fusion

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