Paris Eternal: Team Branding, Colors Revealed  

Paris Eternal skins and branding / Courtesy Overwatch League

Fans have now seen the branding, colors, and in-game skins for the Overwatch League’s second EU team. Welcome the Paris Eternal.

The Paris Eternal’s colors are navy blue, maroon red, and gold. The team logo is a rooster, a choice indicative of a long line of Paris teams that have used the proud bird as a logo.

Paris Event 

At a live event held in Paris in front of an excited crowd, the new expansion team revealed their branding. Speakers at the event included General Manager of the Paris Eternal, Michael deWitt, and league Commissioner Nate Nanzer. Nanzer discussed how much he appreciated the EU fans for struggling during the inaugural OWL season with rough start times. He did reveal that the second season, which begins February 14th, will have Saturday and Sunday games with earlier, EU-friendly start times.

The team’s roster was the first of the expansion teams to be announced, on October 23rd.  

The players also made an appearance at the event. The Paris Eternal roster is notable for being completely made up of players from the EU, including European Contenders players like BenBest, Kruise, and Danye. Key players on the team include SoOn, formerly of the Los Angeles Valiant, and ShaDowBurn from the Philadelphia Fusion. Head coach daemoN is also formerly of the Valiant.  

“Paris is going to be a team that everyone in France roots for,” Nanzer said, “but that everyone in the EU roots for as well.”

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