Overwatch League – Stage 4 Wrap Up and Playoffs

2018-05-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The final weekend of Stage 4 saw a lot of intense matches and a lot of changes to the teams gunning for playoff hopes. We are now set and have our final six teams ready. However, Stage 4 showed a lot of promise on what this league could be in the future. With teams coming back like the Dallas Fuel, and the L.A. Valiant topping NYXL in the last match.


Friday Night Fights


Houston Outlaws vs NYXL

Friday night saw a big loss for the Houston Outlaws as then fell to the relentless NYXL. Despite putting up good numbers and keeping the match close all night, the NYXL continue to show their strength in the 11th hour by winning out Map 5. SBB and crew may not have won the stage, but it is hard not to see them as the heavy favorite in the playoffs. They continue to win when needed.

NYXL Win 3-2


2018-06-02 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Los Angeles Gladiators vs Seoul Dynasty

Another solid run by the Gladiators beating the Seoul Dynasty. The Dynasty have been mixed lately after they came into the season as heavy favorites. The Gladiators have grown into one of the stronger teams of late. It will be interesting to watch them in the playoffs. Dynasty will go back to the drawing board for the off season.

Gladiators Win 3-1


Dallas Fuel vs. Los Angeles Valiant

Dallas Fuel may have finished tenth overall. They had a heck of a stage though. Really coming together at the end of the season and beating the Valiant in front of all their L.A. fans. The arena does rock when Valiant play. However, Dallas had a great run and was able to beat then in this final match.

Fuel Win 3-1


2018-06-02 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Saturday – The End of Regular Season Play


Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire

Fusion cemented their playoff hopes on Saturday in their final game against the London Spitfire. Coming out strong on the first three maps, the Fusion won out in each time with EQO and Carpe leading the charge. The Spitfire played well, but could not rally after the first few maps.

Fusion Win 3-1


San Francisco Shock vs Shanghai Dragons

The Shock were upset at their seasons prospects and not making the playoffs. The Dragons had their last chance to get a final win. The Shock were not going to let that happen after their loss on Wednesday. They dominated the game.

Shock Win 4-0


2018-05-31 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Boston Uprising vs Florida Mayhem

Despite a rally by the Mayhem on Lunar Colony, Boston really brought the thunder to this match. They wanted as many maps as they could get going into the playoffs. They really stopped Florida cold.

Uprising Win 4-0


Stage Four Playoffs


In what could be titled the best night of Overwatch League so far the Stage Four Playoffs on Sunday did not disappoint. The L.A. Valiant, L.A. Gladiators, Dallas Fuel, and NYXL all took to the stage to battle it out.


Valiant vs. Gladiators

In a very close match all the way through, the L.A. Valiant beat their cross town rivals to win their chance in the stage finals. The match was 3-2 with the Valiant winning out in Dorado. Each team rallied a comeback throughout the maps. This one could have gone either way.

Dallas Fuel vs NYXL

Fuel fans finally got some cheers in as Dallas put up an amazing fight. This was another extremely close match up. However, in the end, NYXL were able to pull the victory. This was some of the best Overwatch for the year though. Definitely check it out if you had not seen the fights. NYXL won 3-2.

Valiant vs NYXL

In a surprise victory the L.A. Valiant toppled the NYXL in the last match of the stage. L.A. put on a lesson in defense holding the NYXL to only one capture point the entire match. Still, some believe NYXL is biding their time for the League playoffs. Valiant won the match 3-1.

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