Overwatch League – Spitfire End the Boston Uprising – S4W3

2018-05-05 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Stage Four continues as teams fight for final maps to make the playoffs. While NYXL maintains their lead, it is a close match up between teams trying to make the cut. Here is how the night went down.


London Spitfire vs. Boston Uprising

Profit had a strong run in the first map with Brigette and Zarya. Spitfire looked clean as they drove forward against Boston. Striker and Birdring exchanged shots until near the end as Birdring switched to Mcree and continue the final push. Boston could not close despite great play from Mistakes. Lunar colony was a straight up tie. Neither team could budge. It was in Maps 3-4 that London began to pull away. Profit stayed strong and Nus had some amazing support plays to keep the team alive. Boston seems to be struggling a bit with the new meta this stage. As the points continued Dallas was able to pull forward and break the tie.


Match Score: 2-1 London Wins

MVP: Nus, quiet and solid, he kept everyone alive.


London Spitfire Wins!

2018-01-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


San Francisco Shock vs. Dallas Fuel

This was a close match right from the start. King’s Row was a long hall for both teams. Shock prevailed in the first map with Sleepy getting some clutch plays and BabyBay just crushing it on Hanzo. They unlocked the payload fast. Seagull and crew just could not move on map one. Hanamura was an incredibly close map. OGE stepped up with some strong Tank play as Mickie showed off his Brigette. It was in Map 3 that Shock rallied on Architect’s play. Some great Pharah on Oasis put Fuel in their spot. In Map 4 the Fuel just could not rally. Choi came in for San Fran and took control on D.va. They were able to win the match.

Match Score: 3-1 Shock Win

MVP: Architect, came in and made the difference.


2018-05-23 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Philadelphia Fusion vs L.A. Gladiators

Fusion came out strong on the first map. Carpe had a solid run on Tracer to disrupt the Gladiators. Carpe and Shadowburn came alive though to keep L.A. at only one checkpoint. Then everything changed. The Gladiators were able to turn up the pace on Philly on Horizon as both teams played great defense. Still, L.A. was able to get one checkpoint. Fissure and Shaz were a crushing combination keeping Fusion from getting anything. Surefour led the crew into Map 3 as Gladiators came back out to win. Map 4 was also a back and forth battle as the Gladiators prevailed on Dorado getting the final checkpoint.

Match Score: 3-1 Gladiators Win!

MVP: Shaz

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