Overwatch League – Seoul Owner Chou Talks Team, Nanzer Says More Teams Coming

There were a couple of big announcements this morning out of South Korea. Kevin Chou and Commissioner Nate Nanzer held a press conference in Seoul this morning to talk about player signings and upcoming teams. You can find the full article at Akshon Esports here.

Kevin Chou had this to say:

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. When I first started talking, there were many different cities that we could have talked about. But Philip and I were discussing about the various different cities, and the pros and cons for it. Both of us, as well as the 3rd partner, we all agreed that Seoul would be the best city to set up in. Number one, the best players, and the best players, are here in Korea. eSports was born right here in Korea, and there have been several generations of players that transformed into coaches, shout-casters, and so forth. So there is an ecosystem here, that has gone through multi-generations that have competed at the highest levels, and there is that talent base, that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. And because this is going to be a global league, we wanted to have the ability to work with the very best players and coaches to create that team. – Kevin Chou

He went on to mention that they would be announcing player signings as early as next week.

Nate Nanzer spoke about more teams being added before the launch of the league in this statement:

Yes. There will definitely be more announcements of additional teams between now and the launch of the league. – Nate Nanzer

We’ll bring you more news on this story as we get it. Hopefully we’ll have some video as well.  For now, Seoul is our front runner in the league before things start. Just based on their World Cup team and some amazing players coming out of South Korea they are definitely the team to beat. It will be exciting to finally get some player’s names in the news this week!

Garrett 'Mash' Fuller
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