Overwatch League – Seoul Dynasty vs Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel Players

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Date: January 10th, 2018
Stage: Stage 1
Match: Seoul Dynasty vs. Dallas Fuel


Game 1 (Junkertown) 3-2 Dallas

Dallas starts on the attack. Seagull comes out playing Hanzo, Harryhook is on Bastion. Seoul is running a quadruple tank comp, with Fleta on Roadhog. Point A goes to Dallas pretty quickly, Seoul slowed them down a little bit but not significantly. They push pretty quick into the next point but Seoul dominate the first team fight with ease. Seagull switches onto Pharah at this point. A rip tire and some great Ana play by Ryujehong wrap up the next push by Dallas. Harryhook’s bastion manages to get the team some space and they’re able to start pushing again. Another team fight takes place where Dallas manages to win despite Seoul using more ultimates before Dallas takes Point B. Dallas pushes fast through this point with a strong ult advantage while Seoul tries to figure out how to stem the bleeding. Picks by Fleta on Widow fall short of being enough as Effect’s Reaper and Taimou’s Roadhog are able to clear the path for Dallas to take the final point.

With Seoul on attack both teams come out with Widowmakers, Seoul’s early pushes are defined by picks from Fleta and Ryujehong with cleanup by Munchkin on Reaper. Dallas dances a bit on the payload to delay the first point from being taken for a second before Seoul flexes their muscles and Munchkin again cleans up the remaining fuel players.Point B is highlighted by an amazing rip-tire denial by Ryujehong and general dominance by the Dynasty before Seagull leads the Fuel on a big team fight win about three quarters of the way through the point. Taimou and Fleta trade picks as Dallas’s defensive stand continues before Effect and Seagull bring some pain and drive Seoul back again. Seoul dive hard into the heart of the Fuel team, both teams spend most of their ults but Seoul eventually breaks them and begins pushing again. A Seagull rip tire leads a big stall by Dallas with under 30 seconds left on the click, Seoul manages to push through but they go onto Point C with under 90 seconds. Fleta takes out his Widow counterpart in Effect giving Seoul the freedom to dive into Dallas and drive them back. Taimou and Seagull lead a big stop on Seoul as overtime hits and Dallas take the first map.


Seoul Dynasty Ryujehong

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Game 2 (Temple of Anubis) 6-5 Seoul

Dallas subs off Seagull and Custa for xQc and Chipshajen while Seoul makes no changes. Dallas starts on the attack with a triple tank comp, both teams have Widowmakers. Taimou and Harry get early kills, Mickie, Effect, and xQc follow up and Point A is taken by Dallas. Effect gets three kills early and then takes out the Mercy. The tanks come in and follow up, and Dallas takes the second point with 6:14 left on the clock.

Dallas sets up a fairly standard forward defense and Seoul comes out with a standard dive comp. Fleta takes down Harryhook but for every kill Seoul gets Effect seems to take a life with his rifle. Eventually both teams reset with Seoul capturing the first 1/3rd of the point. The teams trade kills again but Seoul eventually muscles out the point, though they do it holding five ultimates ready and a huge advantage there going into Point B. Seoul pops their ultimates while diving on the point and take Point B, even as decisively as they took it they finished with 4:48 left on the clock, a bit less than Dallas.

Dallas comes out with a triple DPS composition on defense. Seoul sets up their dive comp again. Kills are traded before Munchkin leads Seoul to a quick point one take. Seoul holds a small ult advantage going into Point B. Seoul dominates the fight and Dallas stalls, trying to run time off the clock. Seoul finishes both points with 3:18 left on the clock.

Dallas comes out with their 3 tank comp again, Seoul sets up to counter with their standard dive comp. Effect and Zunba trade kills but Dallas gets a lead before kills are traded back and forth with resurrections extending the fight. Dallas takes the point off of their first push. Dallas pushes quickly into Point B and Dallas gets two quick kills. Seoul never gets their footing, but they do an expert job stalling out the final sliver Dallas needs but they eventually power through and finishe with 4:30 left.

Exact same team compositions and positioning again for Seoul’s third attack run. Seoul dives and Fleta gets a 4k allowing them to take Point A with perhaps the easiest capture yet. Seoul takes an ultimate advantage into Point B. Dallas switches Taimou onto Sombra and they managed to hold off Seoul’s first push onto Point B. The teams trade kills and resurrections with Seoul slowly carving out an advantage for themselves as Dallas goes into stalling mode. Seoul caps with 0:11 left on the clock.

Dallas runs the same attack comp while Seoul goes with a more conservative defense as they did on the original Dallas attack. Seoul cleans up Dallas’s first push without much trouble and they manage to kill Mickie late, splitting the Dallas re-spawns. Effect goes down early on the next push followed shortly by the bulk of the Dallas squad. Dallas has a slight ultimate advantage if they wait to finish a few that are nearly done, but they dive in and use their ultimates in succession as they come up without really getting much value for them. Dallas is having a ton of trouble dealing with Fleta on Widow here. Dallas switches up their comp to a more normal 2-2-2 setup. Fleta picks xQc and continues to dominate Dallas with very little pressure being applied to him. Dallas makes a last ditch push in overtime and the teams trade kills and resurrections again. Effect has a great Dragonblade, Dallas follows up and they manage to capture Point A. They have one good shot here to take Point B. Taimou gets an early pick on Fleta with his tactical visor and Dallas establishes their position on the point. xQc and Mickie both get kills and Seoul is split, they manage to recover just barely and Seoul wins the map 6-5



Game 3 (Ilios) 2-0 Seoul

Point A – Lighthouse – Fairly standard comps for both teams. Mostly dives with Dallas taking a Widowmaker and Seoul taking a Pharah. Both teams jump right into fighting and trade kills back-and-forth. Eventually Seoul powers through and captures the point. A long fight that leaned slightly in Dallas’s favor the whole time eventually wins them the point, but Seoul got themselves to 83% with some excellent stall tactics. Seoul flips it back quickly with Dallas only getting 35% and Seoul holds off Dallas for a fairly easy win.

Point B – Well – Lots of quick kills on both sides with Seoul eventually coming out ahead and capturing the point. Fights break out all across the map without significant consequence to Seoul’s increasing control percentage. Dallas makes a last ditch push when Seoul hits 99% but it’s not enough to stop them.


Game 4 (Numbani) 3-3 Draw

Dallas come out fast using a Lucio to get them to the point quickly. Mucnkin takes out effect but Dallas takes down both Seoul supports. Without supports Seoul folds and Dallas takes Point A. After trading kills Dallas eventually wins a fight with four ultimates, giving Seoul a slight advantage. Seoul eventually stops the bleeding by winning the next two team fights, stalling the push. A great Tactical Visor from Taimou gives tempo back to Dallas and they ride it through to the end of Point B. Both teams build up ultimates for a while and collide in a team fight that sees ten ultimates used, with Seoul coming out on top. Dallas charges back after and wins a decisive victory and ride the tempo to close out the map in overtime.

Seoul comes out on attack with 2-2-2 using Fleta and Munchkin. Dallas runs three DPS and starts off with Torbjorn. Seoul crushes them and takes the first point very quickly. Dallas swaps to a 2-2-2 for Point B while Fleta switches to Widow. Seoul manages to stagger the Dallas spawn as they push towards the end of Point B. Fleta switches to Doomfist and they take Point B in the next fight. Seoul’s push stalls out for a bit but they regroup with an ultimate advantage over Dallas. Dallas stalls a major team fight for a bit with some quality picks, particularly by Taimou, and despite their ultimate advantage Seoul starts to struggle. Ultimate advantage ends up heavily leaning Dallas’s way once the dust has settled. Seoul manages to win a team fight and start pushing the payload again, with Dallas hanging onto their ultimate advantage. Dallas holds in the next fight and both teams come out with both support ultimates available. Dallas pushes things into Overtime but steps off the payload and Seoul complete.

Dallas have the first attack of overtime, Seoul crushes their first push, Dallas regroup and are crushed again without taking a single tick. At this point Seoul has won the match because they can’t do worse than draw. Seoul’s push ends up in one large drawn out fight that Dallas eventually gets the best of.


Match Score: 2-1-1 Seoul

MVP: Fleta – An absolute monster who will be a leading candidate for DPS player of the year and possibly MVP. He plays so many characters so well, it’s a treat to watch him dominate map after map.

Match Rating: 8/10 – After the first two maps I thought this might end up being better than the USA vs South Korea match from the World Cup, but Dallas fell off pretty hard after the long fight on Anubis, looking forward to seeing them work on their staying power in the future.

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