Overwatch League – Seoul Dynasty Force Map Five but Can’t Beat London Spitfire, While Dallas Fuel Stomps Philadelphia Fusion – S4W2D4

2018-05-23 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

An exciting day for Dallas Fuel fans, a strong 3-1 win against one of the Stage 4 favorites, the Philadelphia Fusion. After the roster changes, the London Spitfire seem on the up, and defeated the Seoul Dynasty in a very close series, that went all the way. And even though the Shanghai Dragons looked good, no one expected them to win against the New York Excelsior.


Seoul Dynasty vs. London Spitfire

An important match for both teams. The Seoul Dynasty back with Miro on the main tank role, and the London Spitfire with a stable roster. A close match between the two teams ending in a tiebreaker map. In the end, the London Spitfire had the upper hand and managed to win the series.

Kings Row: After the Seoul Dynasty took the first point in 40 seconds with a double sniper composition, the London Spitfire showed a strong defense and held their opponent short of the second point. Seoul managed an even better defense and did not allow London to take the first point at all.

Hanamura: A wonderful defense from the London Spitfire. After being unable to capture the first point, Zumba managed a kill on Nus with his Self-Destruct in Overtime. Fury followed with a double Self-Destruct on both supports and ended round one with no percentage for the Seoul Dynasty. The London Spitfire had an easy time to capture the point in their attack in two minutes.

Lijiang Tower: The first round started with a back and forth, the Seoul Dynasty opting for Fleta on Brigitte. The London Spitfire played well and more aggressive and ended the first round with 100% to 50%. The second round went even more in favor for the London Spitfire, ending with 100% to 46% and the map win for London.

Gibraltar: The Seoul Dynasty needed to win this map to have a chance to win the series, and decided to bring in Kuki for Miro. It was a good decision, as Seoul finished their attack without much resistance and 2:21 minutes on the clock. Their defense was even better, the London Spitfire, with Profit on Brigitte, struggled to take the first point. In Overtime, they captured the first point and continued to push to the second point as well, but had just seconds left when they finally captured the last point.
The second push ended short of the first point for the London Spitfire. The Seoul Dynasty struggled as well, but Munchkin on Brigitte took over in the last seconds and ended Profits Dragonblade with a shield bash, which led Seoul to the map victory.

Nepal: The first round did not go well for the Seoul Dynasty at all, not getting any percentage on the control meter. They played better on the second round, getting 99% in total, but the London Spitfire just played a better match and deserved the win for the series.

Match Score: The London Spitfire win 3-2
MVP: Birdring. His Widowmaker was incredible in the matches, doing 30k damage during the match. But he also showed off on his other heroes, like Genji or McCree.


2018-05-24 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Shanghai Dragons vs. New York Excelsior

The Shanghai Dragons are still losing games, and playing against the best team in the League, the New York Excelsior, is no easy task. They held their ground, but could not see it through, ending with another 4-0 for New York.

Blizzard World: The Shanghai Dragons managed to take the first point, but it was a close one. Even though they pushed the Payload almost to the second point, they were unable not take it. The New York Excelsior had not a lot of resistance and won the first map, even though the Dragons showed some decent plays.

Horizon Lunar Colony: The Shanghai Dragons almost did not capture the first point, but in overtime Ado came in with a Dragonblade and killed three players of the New York Excelsior. They had no luck for the second point, New York had the advantage. The attack of New York took only a minute, and the second point followed almost as quick. Shanghai could not stand the fast plays from New York.

Oasis: The first round was a very one sided one, Libero on Pharah melting through the enemies, and Shanghai unable to get any percentage. The second round started with the point capture for the Dragons, but at 45% the New York Excelsior took it back. Ado did a good job on Pharah, and the Shanghai Dragons got the point back to 99% and fought hard for the win. But against Saebyeolbe and Libero they stood no chance, and New York won the third map and the series.

Dorado: As before, the Shanghai Dragons got the obligatory first point, but could not finish the map or even the second point. Another easy push for the New York Excelsior and yet another map win.

Match Score: The New York Excelsior win 4-0


2018-02-10 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Dallas Fuel vs. Philadelphia Fusion

What a game, the Dallas Fuel are back. With Mickie on the Brigitte they just ran through the maps and left the Philadelphia Fusion in their wake, unable to come up with any counter.
Kings Row: The Dallas Fuel started their attack with a double sniper and ran through the map as if their lives depended on it. They finished the map with 3:21 minutes left. The Philadelphia Fusion took the first point in one minute, but then the Dallas Fuel came up with a perfect defense before the second point. Whatever Fusion tried, they could not break through, and Dallas won the first map.

Hanamura: Another dominating offense from the Dallas Fuel, thanks to Taimou clicking heads. They continued their attack on the second point and gave the Philadelphia Fusion no time to breath, the second point captured with 6:31 minutes left. This was the second fastest time on Hanamura so far, only Seoul managed it six seconds quicker. Fusion seemed stunned and unable to comprehend what happened to them. The Dallas Fuel held strong and Fusion was unable to capture the first point.

Lijiang Tower: The Philadelphia Fusion supped in Shadowburn, and with Carpe on the McCree, now Dallas struggled. The first map went completely in favor of Fusion, with 100% to 0% for Dallas. The second round started similar, but with 99% for Fusion, the Dallas Fuel managed to take the point. They held on to the point up to 69%, but in the end Philadelphia Fusion took the point back and got their first map win.

Gibraltar: It started out good for Fusion, holding Dallas back, Carpe and Shadowburn doing a great job. They underestimated Taimou who went wild and killed one by one with his Widowmaker. The Dallas Fuel got through to the third point with 2:29 minutes left. Fusion seemed angry and pushed hard on their attack, managing to get the third point with 1:18 minutes on the clock.
Seagull clutched with D.Va when it was needed, and the Dallas Fuel stopped Fusion short of the first point. The Philadelphia Fusion seemed intimidated by Dallas and tried to play defensive. This was their mistake, as no one was on the Payload to stop it, and Dallas won the last map and the series.

Match Score: The Dallas Fuel win 3-1
MVP: Mickie – what he is doing with Brigitte is unreal. While most teams stopped using her altogether, Mickie has unlocked her true potential.

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