Overwatch League – Playoffs – Houston Outlaws vs London Spitfire – S1

London Spitfire Wins!

2018-01-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

In the first ever Overwatch League playoff match, the London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws duke it out in order to see who gets a chance to take on the New York Excelsior and potentially win Stage 1. Will the Spitfire soar to victory? Or will the Outlaws rob them of their chance?

Date: 2/10/2018


Stage: Stage 1 – Week 5 Matchday 20


Match: London Spitfire vs. Houston Outlaws


2018-01-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment




Map 1 (Dorado) 2-1 Houston Outlaws


The match opened with London on the first attack. Profit’s Genji managed to flank around Houston and take down Bani’s Mercy, but some clutch grenades and an early RIP-Tire from Jake on Junkrat found kills and forced the Spitfire to retreat. In the next fight, a preemptive Valkyrie from Bani allowed his team to edge out London, and Rawkus timed his Transcendence perfectly in order to counter Profit’s Dragonblade. In the final seconds on the clock, Birdring swapped to Widowmaker and managed to pick off several Houston players, which finally allowed the Spitfire to push the payload to Point A. As London attempted to carry their momentum into Point B, several headshot kills from LiNkzr’s Widowmaker forced them to back off. With time running out once more, the Spitfire made a mad dash for the payload, but some early picks forced Nus to use his Valkyrie early, which ultimately allowed Bani to save his longer and carry the Outlaws to a hold on Point B.


On their own attack, Houston launched a full frontal assault on London’s tank line and managed to blast through Spitfire with Rawkus’ Roadhog and Jake’s Junkrat in order to take Point A quickly. Thanks to some clutch kills from LiNkzr and aggressive tank play from Coolmatt and Muma, London was never able to properly mount a defense before Houston rolled the payload past London’s progress point and took Dorado.


Map 2 (Illios) 2-0 London Spitfire


Point A – Lighthouse


As both teams met in the center of the map, Birdring’s McCree found a kill on Rawkus’ Zenyatta. After Profit also took down LiNkzr, London took the point. However, Houston quickly regrouped and launched a lightning fast attack supported by Nus’ Valkyrie that stole the point back. London managed to flip the point briefly, but a combination of Jake’s Soldier: 76 Tactical Visor and Muma’s Winston Primal Rage allowed the Outlaws to collapse on the objective and return it to their possession. In the next engagement, Gesture’s own Primal Rage got a few picks inside the point, and London once more stole the point right from under Houston’s noses. As the control percentage neared 100%, the Outlaws attempted to contest, but the Spitfire cleaned them up one by one and ultimately took the round.


Point B – Well


Both teams engaged in a lengthy contest battle at the start of the round, but Birdring and Profit eventually began to frag out and as a result London took the point first. Houston invested a Transcendence into the next fight, but London was able to outlast it and once again found the necessary kills to hold. As the Outlaws launched their last desperate attack to scramble onto the point, aggressive tank play by Gesture and Fury shut the door and prevented them from meaningfully contesting, which allowed the Spitfire to get their percentage to 100% and take Illios.


Map 3 (Temple of Anubis) London Spitfire 2-0


As London began their attack, they aggressively attempted to take high ground. However, Jake’s Junkrat found Gesture’s Winston and the Spitfire had to retreat. In the next push, the same happened, though this time the Spitfire deaths were caused by Coolmatt’s D.Va. In the following attack, though, Profit’s Genji and Gesture’s Primal Range isolated key members of the Outlaws and eliminated them, which allowed the Spitfire to take Point A. They attempted to ride their momentum into Point B, but counter-aggression from Houston stopped them from snowballing the fight. However, Profit made the switch over to Reaper and caught the Outlaws off guard, which opened the door for the Spitfire to take point presence, kill the respawn waves, and finish the map by taking Point B.


During their attack round, Houston began the push aggressively, but Muma was caught out and killed and the Outlaws had to back away. They managed to gain ground in the next push, but ultimately got split up and picked off one by one. With only a minute left on the clock, Houston made a mad dash for the point, but Birdring’s Widowmaker found two early picks that prevented them from establishing a presence on the point. After cleanup by London’s tanks, the clock ran out and Spitfire full held Point A, taking the map.


Map 4 (Eichenwalde) 1-0 London Spitfire


London began their attack by marching into the choke, but both Gesture and Bdosin were picked early off which forced Spitfire to retreat. In the next attack, London made good headway, but LiNkzr’s McCree was able to find both of their supports which forced them to retreat once more. However, in the subsequent push, the Spitfire found LiNkzr and Jake, and with the damage dealers gone, they quickly finished Houston off and took Point A to get the payload rolling. A huge RIP-Tire from Profit in the next engagement allowed the Spitfire to get the payload close to Point B, but the respawns from Houston stonewalled their momentum as the clock ran out, allowing the Outlaws to hold on Point B.


As the Outlaws began their own offensive round, a clutch hook from Fury’s Roadhog took Jake down. However, LiNkzr found some picks, and the Outlaws were able to take two ticks on Point A before Birdring took out Rawkus and forced Houston to retreat. Birdring continued his reign of terror by killing LiNkzr, and after a lengthy battle on the point, London was barely able to hold. With thirteen seconds left on the clock, Profit hit an absolutely MASSIVE RIP-Tire by killing both Houston supports and the Outlaws were full held, resulting in a London Spitfire victory.


Match Score: 3-1 London Spitfire


MVP: Profit


Profit was incredibly proficient in every damage dealing role he was placed in during this match. From Genji to Junkrat, Profit was able to find ways to stay alive and take down his opponents in the moments where it mattered most. Gesture and Fury both also played fantastically, going toe-to-toe and blow-for-blow with the Outlaws’ tank duo of Coolmatt and Muma.


Match Rating: 7/10


This match was a solid watch, but it seemed that Houston began to fall apart when they began to have struggles in all three of the last maps. Nevertheless, it was never a full on blowout, and both teams made great plays.

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