Overwatch League – Philadelphia Fusion vs Florida Mayhem – S3W1

2018-03-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Florida Mayhem battled it out against their East Coast rivals the Philadelphia Fusion this weekend. Both teams had a great run in Stage Two as they seemed to be the two that came together in the end to get some wins. Fusion went on to make the Finals. Here is how the match went.


Starting Line Ups

Fusion – Carpe, Snillo, Fragi, Neptuno, Boombox, Poko

Mayhem – Tviq, Cwoosh, Manneten, Zebbosai, Zuppeh, Sayaplaya



Mayhem began on a quick attack to try and knock the Fusion off of point one. Tviq was solid on Tracer to set up the attack. However, Snillo countered a strong kill on Sayaplaya. Cwoosh dropped a key Winston dome to hold onto the point and get the Mayhem a few ticks. Fusion rallied though making sure they held onto the defense. Carpe had a crushing run on Widowmaker pushing the clock to overtime. Fusion were able to hold strong.

Fusion came back fast with some solid tank play by Fragi. They were able to cap the point quickly. Volskaya’s point one is very open to the dive. Snillo and Carpe made sure things were clear as Philly was able to win the map.

1-0 Fusion Win


2018-03-16 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment



Mayhem began the attack to try and regain a map. Fusion were set on the objective. Cwoosh rolled in to lead the charge on Winston. Backed by Poko, they began their charge. Mayhem were ready and stopped them on the first run. Logix tried to regain and was shut down by Boombox. Florida had to regroup again. Tviq was ready with dragon blade and transcendence. Fusion held strong though keeping their defense. Logix gets two hits and Mayhem capped the point. Moving the payload Snillo proved to be a huge problem. The clock ticked down to seconds on the first checkpoint. Boombox holds with a transcendence to keep Florida away. Fusion hold on defense.

Philly came in on a quick dive to start the map. Fusion were able to drop Cwoosh to get the point. Logix and Snillo went on a Tracer duel. Neptuno was able to hold his line strong as Fusion moved the payload. Fusion continue with the aggression as they pushed towards the checkpoint. Snillo came alive, but it was not enough. Mayhem set the defense, however time was on Fusion’s side. Mayhem remained very tough. Zuppeh kept everyone up as Manneten got some strong D.va moments. Fusion get the advantage though as Carpe gets a few kills. Mayhem could not get back in time.

2-0 Fusion Win




Florida started with a strong run flipping the point in their favor. Time begins to tick for Florida. Cwoosh falls though in a second attempt by Fusion, they flip the timer. Snillo goes on the hunt with Tracer. Keeping Mayhem at bay, Snillo dropped a solid pulse bomb to stop the attack. Fusion is able to hold strong for the surviving minutes.



Both teams go in on control. Picks on either side, but Mayhem are able to move in. Sayaplaya gets set up as Widowmaker. Mayhem maintains defense as Tviq worked around the sides. Neptuno went down, as Florida held on. Carpe gets some shots in, but no one makes it to the point. Mayhem hold the map.



Teams clashed quickly and Zebbosai went down early giving Fusion the advantage. Mayhem caps the point, with Saya playing the edges. Fusion flipped though and built up ultimates. Carpe on Mcree as he gets Zuppeh forcing Mayhem to reset. Tviq makes some space and Mayhem flip. Fusion comes in with a huge dive. Fusion flip and overtime began. Snillo had a critical pulse bomb, giving Philly the victory.

2-1 Fusion Win


Route 66 

Fusion began on defense as the Mayhem try to recover a map. Cwoosh led a strong push to start trying to give Saya some space. Carpe got some quick drops slowing down the Mayhem. Saya got a pick on Carpe giving the tanks a jump and they pass the first checkpoint. Florida moved to point two as Fusion made a few mistakes on spacing. Mayhem gets into the hallways as they continued the push from Logix and Florida wracked up their ultimates. Carpe, Poko go down as Mayhem are able to cap checkpoint three.

Mayhem now had to hold on to get this last map. Fusion were able to get to the first point. Snillo continued to surprise on the flanks. Saya and Carpe continued to battle. Mayhem had a great win at point one. Saya snagged Poko and Carpe, but Philly were able to get the point. Fusion ticked closer and were able to get to point three. Saya got great picks on Carpe and Neptuno. Mayhem were able to get the map.

3-2 Mayhem Win


Match Score: 3-1 Fusion Win


MVP: Neptuno – Heals were critical to Fusion’s success in the match.


Match Rating: 8/10 – This match was fun, we are seeing more games like this as both Fusion and Mayhem played well.

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