Overwatch League – Philadelphia Fusion Media Day Highlights

Philadelphia Fusion Team Photo

Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Fusion

The Fusion electrified the stage today as they took questions from the media about topics such as composition, former teammates, and their vacancy from the preseason. All of the players were present, and head coach, Yann Luu, or Kirby, took on a majority of the action. Luckily, we had our own Brandon Padilla there to fill us in!


Almost immediately, the team was asked about their absence from the preseason, and how they feel it would affect their performance in the beginning matches. Kirby responded with stating that there were both positive, and negative, advantages with not playing. He believed that because the Fusion were not able to showcase any talent to the other teams, it could help them, but he also discussed that the lack of scrimmaging could fault them.


The following question, Brandon had the opportunity to ask Shadowburn if that he had any inside knowledge on the Houston Outlaws coming into this week, since his former FaZe teammate, Rawkus, is on the team. He responded in stride stating that both of the players will know each other’s strong and weak¬†points since they competed with one another for so long. It seemed that he did not want to go into specifics on what he knows.


One major component to the panel was how the team was going to perform, and what players they think are going to shine through. Luu answered with stating that he feels that “they are not at 100%” to what they could be, but that he feels that statement also applies to most other teams in the league right now. As far as composition and starting rosters, he asserts that they are going to keep things “pretty simple now, and expand that throughout the season”. This was a reoccurring statement, as when Kirby was asked a similar question on starting rosters, he stated that he feels that, although there is value in switching players around, we are going to more-so going to see roster adjustments as a season-long operation.


Fusion Player

Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Fusion


Although the questions, early on, remained on the topic of the projected performances, it was later asked who they feel would be their direct rival, and to name a few players that they think rival them in their respective roles. While it was fielded that the Outlaws would be considered their closest rival, Kirby ended up stating that this team is taking a level-headed approach, and taking each team seriously. Yet, the players tended to choose the likes of Zunba, Tobi, Taimou, Cocco, and Jonak as talent who they think are at the top of their game.


To end the panel on a lighter note, all the players were asked if they had gotten recognized in public yet for being an OWL player, to which almost all responded that it was rare if they were noticed. Hopefully, with the success of the league, and this team, we will soon get a different response.


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