Overwatch League – New York Excelsior vs San Francisco Shock S2W3

2018-01-26 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

New York vs San Francisco, we got ourselves an East vs West showdown.  New York coming off a sweet revenge victory is coming into this match looking for a perfect 2-0 week. San Francisco will be having upset on their minds after just seeing the Spitfire fall to the Gladiators. Which of these teams was able to come up on top and continue its progress towards the stage two playoffs.


Starting Lineups

Excelsior – Saebeyolbe, Mano, Meko, JJonak, Ark, Libero

Shock – Nomy, Nevix, Poko, Dhak, Sleepy, Babybay, Dante’s


Map 1 (Volskaya)

New York started their attack out with patience and a strong dive composition. The Excelsior were able to capitalize on bad positioning from the Shock and a crucial pick from Jjonak. The Shock began to fell one by one as the point goes to New York on their first push. As the push continued for New York, the Shock were able to regroup on defense and forced the Excelsior to rethink their attack. Unfortunately for San Francisco, the next attack was the last as New York was able to overwhelm the defense and take the second point after another yet outstanding plays from Jjonak.

The San Francisco Shock attack came out and immediately became too much for the New York defense. The organized push behind Babybay’s Roadhog was able to eliminate the biggest threats which gave an easy push for the Shock to capture the first point very impressive. The momentum continued as the second point push was again too much for New York to handle. They were never a full team for any of the fights as they were only able to continue the delay, but it was not enough as San Francisco takes point 2 and sends it into extra rounds.

With New York having the less amount of time remaining they came out first on the attack and looked cool and collected. Continuing their habits of patience and choosing their fights,  New York struck first. A hectic team fight indoors led to Libero taking out three Shock players with Dragon Dash, opening the door for the Excelsior to take point 1. The clock was still ticking as the time was growing closer to 0, the New York attack is met by an organized Shock defense that is able to get a full hold on point 2.

The Shock with over 4 minutes in the time bank, came out for their attack knowing what was needed to win the map. With each push that they gave


Map Result: 3-2 New York.


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Map 2 (Lijiang)

Point A:

The first blows in the beginning fight were early de-mechs for both teams D.Vas. Each team was able to trade elimination for elimination, but it was New York who was able to take the initial capture of the point. Behind a strong defensive performance from Sabyolbe, the Excelsior defense was able to hold the point to 99% until an overwhelming attack from the Shock who were able to turn the point back to their favor. Danteh almost mirrored the performance from Sabyeolbe, as his tracer was able to lead the way for the Shock defense to hold the point also to 99%. When the overtime timer began, New York pounced on the point and flexed their muscle, as they were able to keep the pressure on the point until it flipped back to them. As the point went back to New York, the overtime timer for the Shock was a short one as they were never able to have a presence on the point and New York takes point A.


Point B:

The Excelsior rode high on the momentum from the last match as they are able to go into Point B on top. The team is able to quickly dismantle the Shock in the first team fight between the two. The initial capture goes to New York and they never look back. The ultimate economy was never on San Francisco’s side, as they were outclassed by the New York defense on the point. With another yet outstanding Tracer performance from the one and only Sabyeolbe, New York held the point for a full hold as New York wins Point B along with map 2.


Map Result: 2-0 New York.


Map 3 (Hollywood)

After halftime, we went to Hollywood. New York came out on the attack once again with old reliable dive. The team began its push on to the point and thanks from a crucial pulse bomb from Sabyeolbe, the Excelsior was able to take the upper hand as the first point goes to the Excelsior in an easy manner. After the payload began its progression, it never looked back. Libero was able to get two huge picks with Dragon Blade, which led to the payload to go through the second point with no problems. As the payload continued on through to the third point, the New York offense was not stopped. The payload finally came to a stop for a few minutes right before it captures the third point. Thanks to a double kill from Nevix’s self-destruct the New York attack had to regroup. The regroup was what they needed, as Libero and Janus are able to clear the path and allowed for the payload to capture the third point.

San Francisco knowing that a loss on this map was a loss for the match, was stuffed at first attempt. The New York defense was able to meet the Shock offense blow for blow. As the clock kept ticking down, it was the last team fight from San Francisco that was able to push New York far enough off the point in order for them take it. Even with the capture of the first point, the San Francisco attack was not organized and never got organized as it was the New York defense who held the payload from progressing to the second point and taking map 3 and the series victory.


Map result 3-1 New York


Map 4 (Route 66)

We arrived at our final map, the map of shame. New York came out on their attack as if this was a must win map, two huge picks from Jjonak is what was able to lead to the payloads initial push for the payload. It was stopped briefly due to the San Francisco defense but it was briefly, as the Excelsior payload is able to go through the first point shortly after they were able to regroup. The payload cruises for the majority of the path, as the Excelsior attack is outclassing the Shock on every level. After the second point capture, it seemed as if it never stopped moving. The Libero Pharah and the Zenyatta play from Jjonak are what New York needs, as it was able to take the third point for a full map capture.

San Francisco playing for map difference came out with their chests held high. Thanks to some stellar Widowmaker play Babybay the payload was able to move on through to the first point for San Francisco. After the payload crosses the doors, the New York defense was looking impressive, the Libero Sombra was having his way with the Shock, keeping a constant presence harassing San Fransisco. As the time ticked down to zero, the Shock began to stagger on to the point while the New York defense was organized and composed as they were able to hold off the final push from the Shock. New York takes the map, completing the series sweep 4-0.


Map Result: 3-1 New York


Match Score 4-0 New York Excelsior win    


MVP: Excelsior had five players who could be named MVP, if that doesn’t show the dominance that they had in the match then I don’t know what else could. Both tanks played phenomenally, Jjonak was his himself, but the MVP has to be the one and only Sabyeolbe. The man had a field day taking out Sleepy, every round, every map, for the entire match. If there was a case to be made for best Tracer in the world, he certainly made his case tonight.


Match Rating: 6/10

Everyone knows how great the New York Excelsior are, and this match will be one that is going to be used a highlight reel for the New York players. From the first map, it showed the different levels that these two teams were at. San Francisco didn’t play to the level that was needed to when playing against a team of New York’s level.


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