Overwatch League – Los Angeles Valiant vs Seoul Dynasty – S3W1

2018-02-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

In the second match of Stage 3, the brand new roster for the Los Angeles Valiant will challenge the inconsistent but ever dangerous Seoul Dynasty. Will the Valiant’s new players find a way to win out? Or will the Dynasty reign supreme?


Starting Lineups

Valiant – Fate, Space, Kariv, Soon, Custa, Agilities

Dynasty – Gambler, Fleta, Gido, Xepher, Munchkin, Miro


Map One – Temple of Anubis


On their opening attack of Stage 3, Space’s D.Va found two huge kills onto Fleta and Miro which opened the door for the Valiant to flood in and take out the remaining Seoul members to take Point A. Fueled by their clean attack, Los Angeles immediately put pressure on Point B and Agilities found kills onto Seoul’s supports. This crippled their defense, and in the blink of an eye the Valiant were able to completely finish the map.


The Dynasty launched their own first attack with aggression, but were punished when Soon found two headshot kills with Widowmaker and they were forced to retreat. The Valiant lost Soon early in the next engagement, but a huge rez from Custa allowed them to bring the fight to Seoul and make them retreat once more. With only a minute left, the Dynasty desperately tried to utilize Munchkin’s EMP, but a combination of Agilities’ RIP-Tire finding two kills and excellent support ultimates from the Valiant, Los Angeles was able to easily resist the attack. Dynasty launched a desperate offensive to try and capture Point A in Overtime, but were ultimately defeated and Valiant took the map.


2018-02-24 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Valiant Wins 2-0


Map Two – Numbani


With Agilities’ Pharah leading the charge, the Valiant launched an explosive assault on Point A and were zoned off of the objective by excellent play from Space’s D.Va and again, Seoul lost the first point very quickly. Munchkin went in with an EMP and got everyone on the payload, but the Dynasty were unable to follow up and Miro was killed, which gave LA almost the entire streets phase. Seoul tried to contest at Point B’s end, but were shut down by better ultimate usage from the Valiant. Desperate to stop the momentum, Dynasty aggressively tried to defend, but Fate’s Primal Rage found Gido’s Zenyatta and things continued to snowball from there. Fleta found a few kills at the end of the map that made it seem like Seoul could come back, but a monstorous triple kill from Agilities’ Soldier: 76 allowed Valiant to push the payload through to the end of the map.


On their own assault, Seoul tried to land a hack onto Space’s D.Va, but Munchkin was damaged during the attempt and Fate was able to take both him and Gido down to force Dynasty back. In the next fight, Seoul dove onto the high ground and began making some point progress, but Agilities took down Miro and this led to another Dynasty retreat. With just over a minute left, Seoul desperately tried to use their EMP, but it was countered by Kariv’s Transcendence and though Seoul traded some kills with Valiant, the LA tanks were able to stay alive longer. Now in Overtime, Fleta came in with a Dragonblade to find two kills which finally let the Dynasty capture Point A. LA Valiant decided to give Seoul the second point as well so that they could save their ultimates, but critically used their Valkyrie which was mostly wasted. With only a minute to complete the map, Seoul began a desperate final attack, but Valiant was able to prevent Fleta’s Dragonblade from doing damage and LA won out and won the map.


Valiant Wins 3-2


Map Three – Nepal


Point A – Village


Both teams ran a beefy triple tank into the point, but an early kill on Mano’s Reinhardt allowed the Valiant to snowball the rest of the point and take it without much trouble. In the next fight, Soon found two kills with his Death Blossom onto Munchkin and Mano to force Seoul out once more. However, Munchkin came in with a Death Blossom of his own and landed a triple kill to bully LA out. However, Soon and Fate combined together to find several kills brawling out on the point which allowed Valiant to retake and win the point.


Point B – Sanctum


An early de-mech on Xepher’s D.Va and a kill onto Munchkin’s Sombra allowed Valiant to easily take the point first. Fleta came in with Widowmaker and domed two players though, clearing the path for Seoul to take the point from LA fairly quickly. Despite this though, Soon and Agilities found two kills of their own in the next fight, and a hook onto Gido from Space capitalized on the advantage and made things easy for Valiant to flip the objective back. Seoul tried to get on the point desperately, but weren’t able to in time.


LA Wins 2-0


Map Four – Junkertown


Valiant began their attack round with a double sniper and Junkrat composition, but it was deterred early by excellent Widowmaker play from Fleta. However, Agilities was able to find several kills with his RIP-Tire, and with space made for the snipers, they were able to pick the rest of Seoul off and Valiant took Point A. LA struggled to find a way through the gates of the point however, and Fleta’s Genji ended up being a large thorn in their sides due to a perfectly executed Dragonblade. This continued for two more pushes, and with only a minute remaining, Valiant finally were able to take Fleta down and capture Point B. However, they only had a minute once more, and on the back of Agilities’ Dragonblade, Los Angeles began their final push which extended into Overtime. By finding huge kills onto Fleta and Xepher, the Valiant were ultimately able to stagger the rest of the Dynasty and capture Point C.


Seoul started their own attack round utilizing the pirate ship composition with Gido on Bastion. Kariv was able to hook him off of the cart, though, and while Fleta did kill Soon, Valiant were

ultimately able to push Dynasty back. Gido ultimately swapped over to Zenyatta for the next engagement, but Gambler’s Mercy was hooked and killed which brutally staggered Seoul. With only time for one more push, Dynasty launched one final assault, but a quick headshot onto Gambler from Soon and good use of Valiant’s tank ultimates got them the fight win, the map win, and the series sweep.


Valiant Wins 3-0


Match Score: 4-0 Los Angeles Valiant


MVP: Space


In his Overwatch League debut, Space played the off tank role spectacularly. He consistently outplayed Xepher on both D.Va and Roadhog, and he was often able to keep Fleta from doing too much damage with clutch mech boops or perfectly timed Defense Matrixes.


Match Score: 3/10


While it was nice to see things click for the Valiant’s new roster, Seoul looked absolutely awful in this match and the result was a completely one-sided smackdown that was all around boring to spectate.

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