Overwatch League – Los Angeles Valiant vs San Francisco Shock

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Date: January 10th

Stage: 1

Match: San Francisco Shock vs. Los Angeles Valiant



Map 1 Dorado, opening up the inaugural season to over two hundred thousand viewers the Shock begin on attack. San Francisco opened up strong with Babybay getting the picks that let the payload begin its motion. LA is able to slow down San Francisco’s run after the Shock take the second point and turn the final corner. The Valiant were able to hold the Shock off the payload and the round ends with the Shock unable to finish escorting the payload to all three points. LA begins its attack and look almost untouchable as they get the first point with ease. The Shock are able to hold them for the second point for a second, but Soon and Agilities are able to push the Valiant through to get the team kill in order to capture the second point. The payload did not stop moving after that as the Valiant were able to push the payload and through and finish and win the first map.


Map 2 Temple of Anubis, San Francisco opens up the second map on attack and has a strong first push being able to pin the Valiant back slightly but were not able to succeed. The second push was the key and the Shock take the first point. The Shock continue the push through and never stop the aggression as they are able to take the second point. Valiant come out on the attack but are met with a resilient defense and are held to a tough point and take a bit more time than expected in order to come out and take the first point. The second point was a different story as they are able to roll through the second point behind Agilities’ Genij in order to take the point and send it to overtime. Overtime begins and the widows came out, Soon was able to take the widow duel against Babybay and the first point is taken much easier this time around. The second point continued to see domination from Soon who switched over to the tracer and was able to lead the Valiant to a strong capture of the second point. The Shock come out on attack but are shut down completely by the tremendous Widow from Soon. The entire time comes down to overtime and Babybay comes to the rescue for Shock and takes out most of the Valiant and captures the first point for the Shock. Unfortunately the push is not nearly enough as the Valiant defense was able to take enough time off the clock and hold the Shocks attack to take the second map.


Los Angeles Valiant Wins!

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Map 3 Illios, The map starts out with the Shock coming out with the Pharah-Mercy combo and are able to take the point first and hold the Valiant out until the 99th percentile. Soon and Agilities were able to turn the point around for some time but the Shock were able to take the first point back and take the first round at lighthouse. The second map at ruins begins with yet another Widow duel between Soon and Babybay and the battle is won again by Soon and Valiant are able to take the point first and never look back. The map goes to the third point. The third point begins with both teams putting up strong fights in the initial capture. The Shock are able to take it first and hold it for a bit but the Valiant behind Soons tracer are able to turn the fight around and take over the point. This would lead to a strong defense by Valiant who would hold the point for the rest of the round take map 3.


Map 4 Numbani, The final map begins with the Shock coming on attack attempting and are held stout by the Valiant defense. San Francisco is able to take the first point with just a minute remaining. The payload is able to move through the streets for a minute but the Valiant defense was able to regroup and hold the Shock attack to only one point. Here come the Valiant, their opening rush was able to take more than the first tick of the point. After a quick regroup the Valiant were able to push and take the first point. The payload begins its push and is met with a short hold from the Shock but it’s not enough as the Bastion switch is able to push the Valiant through and they are able to take the fourth map and match.


Match Score: 4-0 Win for the Valiant

MVP: Soon

Match Rating: 7.5/10


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