Overwatch League – Los Angeles Gladiators vs Shanghai Dragons

Los Angeles Gladiators

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Date: January 10th, 2018
Stage: Stage 1
Match: Los Angeles Gladiators (GLA) vs. Shanghai Dragons (SHD)

Game 1 (Dorado) 1-0 GLA
With the first international game of the Overwatch League, it was only fitting to see a Widowmaker matchup of Surefour vs. Undead. Surprisingly, we did not see many 1v1 situations between the two, rather we experienced pure dominance on the side of the Gladiators, stopping the attack at 70.16m on the first point. Let’s not forget to note Hydration’s Doomfist eliminations that involved him slamming the Dragon’s support players into any/every wall. Then on defense, Shanghai immediately crumbled to Shaz’s Zenyatta, leading Los Angeles to a quick 1-0 win.


Game 2 (Temple of Anubis) 2-1 GLA
In the first push, Los Angeles had predicted Undead’s Widow selection, so they played up to the arch chokepoint in anticipation to overwhelm him. However, MG was able to get key eliminations on Bischu, which eventually caused the Dragon’s capture of point A within 3 minutes. Yet, the remainder of Shanghai’s attack were a clump of unsuccessful attempts at capturing an area that was fully controlled by Asher. Leading into the GLA offensive strike, Genji and Winston, played by Surefour and IRemiix, melted Roshan’s Orisa and led to a speedy first point capture. The momentum from the dive proved strong, as the Gladiators finished the map within a minute of the takeover of point A.


Shanghai Dragons Undead

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Game 3 (Ilios) 2-0 GLA
Coming into the first control map of the match, we see both teams go for a Phar-mercy composition. While the first point, on Lighthouse, had a slight contest between the two Pharahs, Hydration proved victorious with two direct hits onto Undead. Learning his lesson, Undead switched to counter the tactic with a hit-scan in Mcree. It turned out to be a good decision, as Shanghai turned a 99% deficit into a tied game. As the map went on, the point remained heavily contested, with the eventual victor being the Gladiators thanks to BigGoose’s ridiculous Lucio boops. Headed into the Ruins of Ilios, the Dragons were the first to take the point due to Roshan positioning himself to counter Asher’s Widowmaker. However, about halfway through completion, GLA were able to steal the point, and hold it until Hydration was able to get a 3-piece that sealed the fate of the game. Los Angeles wins 2-0.


Game 4 (Eichenwald) 1-0 GLA
In the final map of the match, Surefour returned in replacement of Hydration. Similar to the previous match, L.A. created a Phar-mercy composition in hopes of getting early picks – which is exactly what they did. Not much later, after a few more fights, SHD were able to take 87.2%, but that was about all that they could muster up. The continuous pressure applied by the DPS of the Gladiators proved to be too overwhelming for Shanghai, as L.A. was able to take point A with almost two minutes left on the clock.


Match Score: 4-0 GLA

MVP: Shaz – His incredible Zenyatta gameplay not only shut down Diya multiple times, but he was able
to keep constant stress on the SHD and their support players.

Match Rating: 5/10 – While the game itself was in the hands of the GLA for every map, the match did
have some moments that led for memorable experiences. Not the most interesting matchup, but it
absolutely, entertainment-wise, could have been worse.

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