Overwatch League – Los Angeles Gladiators vs London Spitfire – S2W3

Los Angeles Gladiators Players

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

London Spitfire continue their strong streak in Stage two as the Los Angeles Gladiators pushed for a victory in  tonight’s opening match.

Match: London Spitfire vs Los Angeles Gladiators


2018-03-01 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Starting Lineups

London Spitfire – Hooreg, Profit, Closer, Hagopeun, Woohyal, Gesture

L.A. Gladiators – Surefour, Bischu, Big Goose, Shaz, Asher, Fissure


Map 1 (Volskaya)


Gladiators began with a strong defense on point one. They waited for them outside the chokepoint. Profit was not able to get the angles he wanted. Gladiators had some solid tank play from Fissure as they continued to hold strong forcing the clock down. They got a strong pick on Hagopeun to pushed the Spitfire back. Surefour stayed strong on Sombra as London ticked down to one last attack. Gesture fell though as Gladiators held strong. London was able to tick in overtime. Shaz had a strong run on Genji. However, London took both points.

Gladiators took the fight to the Spitfire as London fell on point one. Quickly moving to point two, Surefour had a fantastic run on Soldier to even the tide.

Time bank and both teams looked ready. London began on defense as Gladiators quickly moved in. With some amazing plays by Bischu and Surefour London got surprisingly pushed back.


Gladiators took the Map 3-2


Map 2 (Lijiang Tower)

In Lijiang Tower the Gladiators played off the momentum of the last map. They got in and capped the point quickly. Big Goose was dynamic on Lucio keeping everyone up. Shaz also was solid on support with Zenyatta. Spitfire really struggled to mount a battle. Gladiators were able to hold point one.

On map two, London needed to turn things around. However, Gladiators were able to shut down Profit and maintain control. London did flip at one point, but Gladiators fought back. L.A. was able to retake and move off the point surprising London in the back field. Fissure had a fantastic run the Gladiators took map two.


2-0 Gladiators


Map 3 (King’s Row)

Riding high the Gladiators began on defense in King’s Row. With Fissure on Orisa they held tight for the opening attack. Spitfire subbed in Nus on Mercy. Birdring was shut down on Junkrat as L.A. held. On their quick return London got the payload moving and made their way to checkpoint two. Hydration on Junkrat was able to get an early pick on London support stalling them. Gesture still moved forward on Reinhardt. The Gladiators fell hard as London had their sights set on point two. However, in a massive come back Gladiators held the Spitfire short with Surefour on Pharah raining rockets down. The Spitfire could not mount a full push and Fissure was able to stall some time with Winston. They capped the second checkpoint but London fell short of completing the route.

On attack the Gladiators quickly took the point. Surefour played Hanzo and the payload began to move. Hydration was extremely strong on Pharah clearing the path for the Gladiators. Birdring and Bsodin fell at key points allowing the Gladiators to continue their run. Shaz hit a key transendance which kept the Gladiators moving. As time ticked down L.A. got the second checkpoint. Now it was just a matter of time if they could beat London’s run. Gladiators got a key play with Junkrat and were able to win the match.

Gladiators win 3-2



Map 4 (Route 66)


Coming to Route 66, London were trying to hold any semblance of their once great power, with Gesture opening on the Roadhog. Birdring on the Widow. For the Gladiators you see Surefour on the Sombra, farming the health packs, with BigGoose on the Ana. With 2 minutes still on the clock, without any big plays, Spitfire push the payload near to the final point. With the spawn coming closer and closer, Gladiators are able to eventually stabilize and push the Spitfires back. Spitfire slog it out and eventually take the first objective, but Surefour switches onto the Widow to try and counter the Spitfire.

No major plays on the way to the second objective for the Payload on Spitfires comeback, winning every team fight so far. Grabbing the second Objective without much of a hassle seems either the Gladiators are exhausted, or Spitfire are back to playing just that good. Spitfire playing quite aggressive, staggering the Gladiators as they inch closer and closer to the final objective to see if they can get themselves a single win in this series. But, it’s not to be, as Surefours final dead eye ult seals their fate and they’re stopped just short of getting 3-0 on the Payload.

On attack, Gladiators come out with Surefour on the Mei? An odd choice, but something they’ve stuck with it seems. For the defense, Spitfire just has Birding on the Widow. London holds the Gladiators into the OT for the first objective of the payload, but Gladiators survive the slogfest and get back some time for the next push.

Yet again though, Spitfires try their best to win the team fights and stall the Gladiators at the second point. But the Gladiators push past into the third and final objective. London stops it short though, not netting a victory for them, but at least a win.

2-1 London Spitfire


Match Score: 3-1 LA Gladiators surprise everyone and take a seemingly easy victory from London


MVP: BigGoose

BigGoose wasn’t so prevalent in the last two maps, as he was on the first two. There’s just something so nice seeing a guy land such effective boops, in a tactical way that helps his team that isn’t just giving them breathing room. BigGoose is a joy to watch, tracking his enemies down and taking them out before they can do the same to him.


Match Rating: 7/10

LA Gladiators are a team not to mess with, now that Fissure is in the lineup. Sadly, the game was based more around slogfest teams fights, then big plays that took everyone’s breath away. A joy to watch, but at times you’d think you’re just watching replays of earlier fights.  No big complaints here though, as both teams put on a good show.

Austin Hanlin
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