Overwatch League – London Spitfire vs New York Excelsior – S1W5

2018-01-26 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

New York Excelsior takes on the London Spitfire. The battle of the top two teams. They are fighting it out on the final day of Stage One. There is no joking around here this match is tough. Here is how it turned out.


Match: London Spitfire vs New York Excelsior




Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Map 1 (Eichenwalde) 3-2 London Wins


NYXL began on attack, the London Spitfire fought some early desperate battles. Still, they were able to hold NY from the point. The ticker kept going though as NYXL pushed on the kills taking out Profit and Bdosin. NYXL began their payload. They made it to the first checkpoint. London put up a huge defense as Meko went down. NYXL dropped Birdring and took the first checkpoint. Libero had a strong second wind on Genji taking down supports to continue the payload. London was able to hold the last checkpoint.


London moved in on the attack. Birdring was on the attack and the team grabbed a quick victory on the payload. Birdring was on fire. He took down Ark, Libero, and Saebyeolbe. London advanced. On an epic rip tire from Profit they are able to take point two. Birdring cleaned up on the third point and London overwhelmed NYXL.


Map 2 (Anubis) 2-1 NYXL Wins


London started out on defense. NYXL had a lot to prove on this map. The attack began with NYXL attempting a push, but Birdring on Widowmaker was brutal. London maintained a strong defense. Profit missed on a rip tire as NYXL committed to a dive. Mano and Saeyeolbe got dropped and NYXL had to reset. Finally, NY was able to get picks and make it ot the point. London was able to push to overtime. NYXL was able to eventually take point one. The second point began with Birdring again dropping Saeyeolbe. As London drew a reset on NYXL. The clock continued to click down. Profit had another solid rip tire to slow Libero. NYXL committed to a final push for overtime. However, Spitfire was able to hold the point.


NYXL now aimed to boost up a defense and gain some momentum in the match. NY returned the favor and stopped London cold on their first push. Saeyeolbe showed his skill on Widowmaker. London banked a lot of ultimates for their next push and got point one. Profit had an amazing Genji play but no dice yet for Spitfire on the second point. It comes down to thirty seconds on the map. NYXL holds and gets the win.


Map 3 (Ilios) 2-0 NYXL Wins

Pine comes in for the NYXL. Ilios began fast with London falling in their first attack. NYXL held the point and dominated London. Pine and Saeyeolbe were able to hold. Ark stuck to Pine like glue. London was able to flip. NYXL returned the favor with a flip. It was a quick end to overtime and the NYXL took the map.


Birdring and Pine squared off on Widowmaker. London came back and fought hard over the ruins. London was able to hold through to overtime. NYXL flipped at the last second. Pine dropped Nus right away on one of the final pushes. NYXL won the map with an epic defense.



Map 4 (Dorado) 3-2 London Wins


NYXL began the push on offense. Libero had a solid run on Genji which moved the team up. Ark was strong on support. NYXL was able to push past point one. London had began to falter. However, they rallied at before point two. Profit came in with Junkrat stopping the push. NYXL had to get through that killer archway. NYXL got the push moving for point three. London tried to keep the point, as Nus forced the Valkyrie. Ark held the Valkyrie for a last push. London was able to defend. NYXL got two points.


London started their attack. NYXL got an early pick on Woohyal. Profit rolled in and London continued their assault. Profit had some strong moves on Genji and London was able to bring the fight to point two with plenty of time. NYXL holds a rough push on point two. London had to regroup again. London was able to teamwork their way through point two. NYXL held a desperate defense. Crazy fight into overtime. Both teams did not give up. London was able to tie it up.


Map 5 (Lijang Tower) 2-0 NYXL Wins


London moved in early to get the point. NYXL got in and was able to move London off the point. Saeyeolbe had some strong Tracer play keeping London away. Libero worked hard with Pharah to keep NYXL in the match and they were able to flip to hold on.


NYXL started the next point with a solid attack and control. NYXL moved the fight off the point to defend. Woohyal took to Zarya and Gesture to Reinhart. At 99% London held on and flipped the map as Meko and Libero went down. NYXL won the map with a huge push on tanks from Meko.


Match Score: 3-2 NYXL defeated London Spitfire.


MVP: Meko


In map five the tank play was unreal. Meko was unreal and kept NYXL in the match giving so many options to Libero and Saeyeolbe to work with.


Match Rating: 9/10 Match was insane.

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