Overwatch League – Interview With Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim From The Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty Fleta

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Seoul Dynasty closed out stage one with a 3-2 victory over the San Francisco Shock. I caught up with Fleta after the match, to get his thoughts on Stage One, looking forward to Stage Two, and more.


You just closed out Stage One with a victory. How are you feeling?

This match was really important because if we won 4-0 we still had a chance to go to [the] playoffs. Obviously it didn’t work out I feel a little sorry about it. But I’m relieved that we won the last match of the stage.


What was your teams strategy going up against the San Francisco Shock?

Because Babybay is really good at Widowmaker and Pharah, I was going to mark Babybay. That was our strategy.


Other than marking Babybay, what were the keys to your team’s success in the match?

So frankly speaking, the first thing was that I marked Babybay. Then afterward all other players were doing excellently. That was our plan, just that, that’s all.


Seoul Dynasty Players

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


What adjustments do you think the team needs to make to finish Stage Two on the top of the standings?

Our team’s playstyle, each player’s playstyle is unique in a way that the Mercy meta is not really good for our team. For Stage Two, hopefully the Mercy meta is over and we’ll do absolutely better than this [stage].


When you’re in the middle of the match, is there any player in particular that stands out as a leader?

Our team used to [have] different players do shot calling at the same time, that was our form. Right now we asked Tobi to be the one to do the shot calling, so he’s doing it now.


Do you have any tips or advice on playing Overwatch for aspiring players, particularly for the heroes that you play a lot like Widowmaker and Pharah?

First of all you have to be creepy [laughs]. Secondly, practice makes perfect.


What is your preparation for a match like?

Because we don’t really have that much time between each match. After the [last] match is over we try to watch the opponent that’s coming up, their play. Then we analyze them, then we try to make a strategy out of it.


You talked about how Tobi was your shot caller, when you’re mid map and you think you may need to change some of the heroes, what’s that process like?

There could be a recommendation from Tobi, but it’s more important that the player that [wants to switch] feels comfortable with the hero. So usually we respect each players opinion on the hero pick.

So if a player wants to change, they can choose to?

Yes, but then Tobi gives recommendations.


Is there anything in particular that has surprised you or stood out about your experience in the Overwatch League so far?

What I surprisingly realized when I first came here is that all the teams are really, really strong. If you don’t practice that much, then you go behind right away.

Do you have any message for your fans and the fans of the Seoul Dynasty?

First of all, thank you so much for supporting us. In Stage One we didn’t do as well as we expected, or planned and I feel sorry for that. But in Stage Two we’ll practice more, we’ll study more, and we’ll do better. Please support us even after this [laughs].


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