Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs Los Angeles Gladiators – S3W5

2018-04-27 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Florida Mayhem faced off against the Los Angeles Gladiators this week. Both teams are looking to continue their run at the playoffs despite having highs and lows. Here is how the match went.


Starting Lineups

Mayhem – Tviq, Awesomeguy, Manneten, Sayaplayer, Zebbosai, Zuppeh

Gladiators – Surefour, Fissure, Bischu, Hydration, BigGoose, Shaz


Map One – Anubis

Gladiators began on defense. Surefour immediately took control trying to cover that first gate. Mayhem could not get through the door. Hydration had some solid Junkrat play as Mayhem could not put together an offense. Tviq and Awesome went down on the third attempt. Saya was looking for Surefour on the counter, but did not find much. Awesome had a solid primal rage and L.A. get caught. They get point one. They move fast to point two. Mayhem dove in but L.A. were able to stall. They racked up ultimates and maintained a strong defense. Saya had some great plays on the flanks. They started to get the momentum able to tick the clock close to the end. Florida was able to flip.

Saya led the defense taking out BigGoose early. Gladiators had to reset early. L.A. dives in again to get Saya and Tviq. L.A. were able to cap the point after the early pick. Mayhem rallied to point two and set up again. Tviq kept L.A. off the point with Junkrat. Florida was able to hold with their support ultimates in tack. Hydration changed to Sombra hoping to turn the tide. In their final push all the ultimates come out. Manneten and Saya fell. Zuppeh fell as well and Florida could not get back to the point.

Time bank for the Mayhem to attack. A lot of tanks and support come out. Gladiators are ready though. Zuppeh fell though stopping their first attack. Zebb goes down and L.A. capitalized stopping them.

2-2 Draw


Map Two – Numbani

Mayhem attack first trying to unlock the payload. Manneten was playing it safe on D.va to roll in on the dive. Saya was on Soldier 76 hitting the flanks. L.A. held some time but were able to win out. Surefour kept Florida moving slow. Florida came alive on the point to get forward. Still, they lost a lot of time. Asher was able to clean up near the point further stalling Florida. The Mayhem rush back to try and get the point. Gladiators backed off. Mayhem get to point three but L.A. were able to take control on the point. Mayhem could not cap.

Mayhem had to defend. L.A. dove in on a quick attack. They were able to break the Mayhem defense to win ticks on the point. L.A. had some luck and took down the tanks. Fissure was able to clear point one and L.A. began the move. They pushed to point two, however started to get sloppy on ultimates. They were against the clock though and rallied to click the point. Mayhem set for the final point. They got around the corner well as Bischu led the charge. Mayhem burn through their support ultimates, but it works to shut down the attack. BigGoose burned the sound barrier to finally push over the final point.

3-2 Gladiators Win


Map Three – Nepal



Surefour comes out on Roadhog. Gladiators get to the point first. Florida had the high ground though. Saya had a strong run on Mcree. They cap the point. L.A. came back with the whole hog and flipped the point at 52%. Fissure was great on Reinhardt. It was not enough though as Mayhem flip back. They hold on to the point and win the map.



L.A. had to fight back on this map. Saya went down quick as Surefour won the battle. With the heavy tank comp L.A. was able to start the timer. Hydration took charge with Road Hog and Florida could not recover. Florida came in on the next attack though and were able to flip. Gladiators got a killer EMP to try and flip as overtime kicked in. Florida supports went down though as Gladiators took the map.



Both teams flipped back and forth. Tviq tried a few rip tires but could not connect. Then Mayhem got the advantage and were able to get a long run. Awesomeguy held the point well on Orisa. In the final seconds L.A. flipped the point. Time had tied it up. Tviq made a desperate attempt and failed. L.A. wins the map.

2-1 Gladiators Win


Map Four – Junkertown

Florida was fighting for pride now. They drove the payload early onto point one. Saya was expected to come up big on this map. Gladiators stalled them out though. Mayhem were able to win it out though as L.A. could not get back. They had to reset the defense. Saya carried them with Awesomeguy all the way past point two. L.A. came out strong on the last push though. They had a ton of ultimates waiting as Mayhem tried to get the push. Fissure set up on the Winston hoping to hold them back. Shaz cut them down keeping Mayhem to 2 points.

Florida over extended on the first point holding to bide time. After a few early exchanges Mayhem fell apart. L.A. was able to cap the first check point. Florida put up a great defense on point two. They were able to run out the clock. However, the Gladiators flanked well and pushed on to point three. This was the last stand. Tviq had a great rip tire. Mayhem were able to hold a little longer. L.A. were able to move on and they took the third point.

3-2 Gladiators Win


Match Score: 3-0 Gladiators Win


MVP: Shaz came up huge again!


Match Rating: 8/10 This match was much closer than the score implies.

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