Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs. Houston Outlaws – S2W3

2018-03-01 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Houston Outlaws and Florida Mayhem both are entering the latter half of Week 3 with losing streaks. Can Houston get back on their feet and get a victory? Or will the Mayhem blow the Outlaws away and obtain a much needed confidence boost of their own?



Match: Houston Outlaws vs Florida Mayhem


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Starting Lineups


Houston Outlaws: Clockwork, LiNkZr, Muma, Coolmatt, Rawkus, Bani


Florida Mayhem: TviQ, Cwoosh, Manneten, Zebbosai, Zuppeh, Logix




Map 1 (Hanamura) 


The match opened with both teams finding picks on each other’s supports, but Houston was able to stabilize with respawns and the Mayhem had to back off their initial attack. On their following push, however, both TviQ and Cwoosh landed double kills, and with only two players alive, the Outlaws were forced to let Florida have Point A. Florida used their momentum to assault Point B immediately, and after Logix landed a Pulse Bomb onto Muma to take him down, the fight snowballed and the Mayhem were able to stagger Houston hard enough to allow them to take the final point fairly easily.


On their own attack, the Outlaws opened the fight up with a kill onto Zebbosai and quickly took point presence. Without their main healer, Florida fell quickly, and Houston took Point A with ease. They immediately made an aggressive move to Point B, and they were able to catch both Florida supports out of position. Left with no support utility, the Mayhem were taken out, and Houston took the point before respawns could come to contest.


Moving into their second attack, Mayhem sped through the flank route to Point A and a clutch triple kill from TviQ’s Genji gave them the advantage they needed to take it. Houston got themselves set up on Point B, but a lightning quick attack took them by surprise and the Mayhem were able to get two ticks before they were driven off with a minute remaining. However, a Nano Boosted Dragonblade from LiNkZr ended up finding several kills, and Florida were unable to contest the point meaningfully before the clock ran out.


The Outlaws began their second attack with a fast rush through the chokepoint, but Logix’s Tracer was able to find a pick onto Bani’s Mercy. However, LiNkZr and Clockwork began to frag out, and Florida was quickly at a man disadvantage that allowed Houston to take Point A. Florida was able to successfully hold back their rush to Point B, however, and Florida gained an ultimate economy advantage. Logix was able to also take down both Outlaws supports in the next fight and Coolmatt’s D.Va was staggered, shaving a full minute off the clock. With only a minute thirty left, Houston tried to capture the point on the back of LiNkZr’s Tactical Visor, but excellent Florida tank play zoned him out and the Mayhem found critical kills and managed to hold Point B to win the map as time ran out.


4-3 Florida Mayhem



Map 2 (Lijang Tower) 


Point A – Night Market


Early boop kills from Manneten and Zebbosai allowed Florida to capture the point early on and Houston were forced to reset. However, after regrouping, Jake’s Tactical Visor and Muma’s Primal Rage found several kills that gave them an opportunity to flip the point in the Outlaws’ favor. In the next battle, Logix’s own Soldier: 76 got a double kill that gave his team the advantage they needed to capture the point once more. A huge Pulse Bomb from TviQ onto Jake put the period on this sentence, and the Outlaws were unable to take the point back before time ran out.


Point B – Gardens


As TviQ and Jake battled it out with Pharah in the skies, Florida decisively won the ground war and took the point which forced the Outlaws to retreat. In their resurgent attack, though, a kill onto Cwoosh early gave them an opening to collapse on the point and flip it. Florida charged in with two support ultimates, but they were separated from their team and killed which ruined the attack. In the waning moments of the round, Mayhem dove the point and took Houston by surprise, taking them down and flipping the point. As the round neared its end, Houston jumped in to contest but were staggered severely and were unable to win out on the point. After falling in Overtime, Florida took the point fully for the map win.


Map 3 (Hollywood) 2-1 Houston Outlaws


An explosive triple tank attack by Florida allowed them to take the first tick of Point A, but Houston stabilized and pushed them back. They repeated it once more and got second tick, but they were again forced to eventually retreat. However, their last attack was a Pharah/Mercy combo, and this ended up wiping the Outlaws and giving Mayhem Point A. As the payload began rolling, Florida continued their reign of terror and pushed through most of Point B, but last second heroics from Houston’s damage dealers allowed the Outlaws to hold and stabilize, and after LiNkZr began consistently winning his Widowmaker duels with Logix, the Outlaws were able to hold fully on Point B.


Houston began their own attack with an aggressive dive, but early kills onto LiNkZr and Jake forced them back. However, their following assault was much more successful, and the Outlaws were able to get the picks they needed to take Point A. After Muma made some aggressive tank plays that split up the Mayhem on Point B, the Outlaws were able to split the defense open and push the payload through Point B to take the map.


2-0 Florida Mayhem

Map 4 (Watchpoint: Gibraltar) 


Florida began their attack round with an aggressive dive onto the high ground, and a double kill from TviQ’s Tracer let the Mayhem snowball the fight and push the payload to Point A. However, as they began to roll to Point B, Jake found some picks with Genji that allowed Houston to stabilize. An aggressive Self-Destruct from Manneten found Jake and gave the Mayhem a chance to capture Point B, but Houston were able to contest at the last second and hold. However, Logix found some headshots with Widowmaker that forced the Outlaws to eventually concede Point B to Mayhem. Early picks onto Houston’s DPS players let Florida push the cart far, but heroics from Muma ultimately let the Outlaws catch their breath and push Florida back with a minute left on the clock. The Mayhem made a valiant attempt to push through Point C, but they were eventually zoned off of the payload in Overtime.


Outlaws began their attack by trying to set up LiNkZr’s Widowmaker, but excellent plays from Logix and Manneten ensured he was killed and Houston had to retreat. In the enxt engagement, TviQ landed a double kill onto Houston which immediately ended their ongoing push. With fifty seconds left, Houston managed to take down Florida’s supports and take Point A. A large triple kill from Jake’s Genji cleaned up Florida’s defensive hold and Houston quickly took Point B. Desperate to stabilize, the Mayhem launched an aggressive defense that ended up pushing Houston back with a minute left on the clock. However, a surprise dive attack from the Outlaws took down Florida’s supports, and this was all the opening the Outlaws needed in order to push the payload through Point C and complete the map to win it.


3-2 Houston Outlaws


Map 5 (Ilios) 


Point A – Well


Florida managed to get the first capture after an early kill onto LiNkZr, but after regrouping Houston quickly dove in and took it back on the back of Muma and Jake. They were able to hold the Mayhem off until Florida launched a capture attempt, but the Outlaws’ damage dealers found the key kills fast and before Florida knew what hit them, Outlaws took Point A.


Point B – Lighthouse


An early pick onto Cwoosh gave Houston a clear path to the point, which they quickly took and got the percentage counter rolling. However, respawns for the Mayhem snuck in a point flip, but not before Houston roared back and retook it with kills onto Florida’s tanks. Desperate, Florida launched an aggressive assault that Houston were not expecting and thus were quickly taken down and the Mayhem flipped the point. Unfortunately, they had to blow their ultimates to do it, and the Outlaws were able to easily take the point back using their own arsenal of ultimates. As the percentage counter reached 100%, Florida were not able to contest and Houston completed their reverse sweep.


2-0 Houston Outlaws


Match Score: 3-2 Houston Outlaws


MVP: Muma


Both LiNkZr and Jake were very on and off during this match, but the player that was making plays from start to finish was Muma. His superior tank play always gave the Outlaws a chance to win, and though Cwoosh looked better than he usually does, Muma consistently outplayed him.

Match Rating: 8/10


This match was surprisingly competitive. The Florida Mayhem looked incredibly strong, and though they were reverse swept, they put up a colossal fight in each and every map in the series. Houston also have seemed to regain their footing after recent struggles, and as a result this match was a pleasure to watch.


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