Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs. Dallas Fuel – S2W3

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Florida Mayhem goes up against the Dallas Fuel, with the Mayhem all fueled up from nearly beating Houston last night and Dallas in Mayhem. Will we finally see Florida take home a big win? Or will Dallas hold their spot as a mid-tier team?


Date: 3/10/18


Stage: Stage 2 – Week 3


Dallas Fuel Players

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Match: Florida Mayhem vs. Dallas Fuel




Map 1 (Hanamura) 

Florida came out on the attack with a usual dive competition, with Harryhook on the Fuel on the Ana instead of Lucio on the defense. It was over in a single moment as Florida didn’t even have to reset taking the first point at breakneck speed. Able to take the objective B with over six minutes in the time bank. They weren’t able to keep up the moment though, with some great plays by Harryhook at keeping the Florida Mayhem at bay. Tviq switches to the Soldier now as Cwoosh takes controller of Objective B and slowly builds ticks with only one person on the point.

Dallas was able to push them off, with one tick for Florida now with more than four minutes still reaming, plenty of time to play it safe and build up ults. Dallas was, however, recovering as they keep Florida off the point, not allowing to get them more than two ticks onto the point so far with a minute left. Florida Mayhem nearly won it all in overtime, but Dallas was able to just inch them out of it.

Dallas now on the attack need to win the entire map to beat Florida in this setup. Dallas was running the standard dive comp with no major differences, Florida’s Zebbosai on the Ana. It didn’t make any use though as Florida lost the first objective faster then Dallas did somehow. If you played the match that just happened to me, I wouldn’t see any difference at the moment for you’d be watching a repeat of Dallas defending at the moment. The most amusing thing so far is that Tviq was able to deflect a helix rocket at Chipshajen. Speaking of Tviq, at the two-minute mark, Tviq gets nano boosted with the Dragon Blade and kills five members of the Dallas fuel!

Still with all that, Dallas Fuel are able to stroll in and take a little over two ticks to take the Objective and beat out the great Florida Defense. First map to the Fuel.

Dallas Fuel 2-1


Map 2 (Nepal) 

For Nepal, AKM comes out in place of Rascal. Dallas goes into Nepal with Mickie on the Orisa and AKM on the Pharah. Florida stays at the same lineup  as they were defending on Hanamura. So no change from a dive comp. Dallas secures the point first, building percentage. Florida made no progress on the point until the final 99% OT where Tviq leaped into the sky and cut down AKM with his dragon blade. Florida pushed ahead, aggression seemingly their key to winning. Only for Effect to bust out the tactical visor, kill off the team and re-take in a matter of seconds.

On the second map on Nepal, Florida steps up the aggression again and takes the point first. Dallas pushed in to grab it at 50%, with a slogfest that doesn’t have any real stand out plays, simply back and forth, tit for tat combat that leaves only one team standing with one more support or tank to take the victory. It’s becoming apparent now that this match hinges solely on player skill and not team dynamics. Florida pushes back in once Dallas gets it to 99%, something that seems like it will also be a theme in this matchup. Dallas flipped it back, but Tviq just short of getting the OT to give Florida a chance to keep fighting. Dallas now up 2-0 in this series.


Map 3 (Kings Row) 

Florida on the attack goes in with a heavy DPS focus, quickly taking the objective and getting the cart on the move, this momentum traveling with them basically to the first point of the Payload until they entered the underworld. Dallas gets their footing here as they mount some semblance of a defense, but nothing too exciting comes of it. AKM switches to the widow to get picks on Florida’s line up to delay them now in the last two minutes.

Dallas was coming into the attack with AKM on the bastion of all picks, which seems to be doing some damage to Florida’s line up with the entire Dallas team simply playing around Bastions turret. Florida still held strong now, with Logix on the widow getting pics onto the Dallas line to stall them. Florida held it though, breaking Dallas in the OT push to put them 2-1, giving them a chance at a reverse sweep.

2-0 Florida Mayhem


Map 4 (Watchpoint: Gibraltar) 

Florida entered map 4 with head hung high, Logix on the Widow, but it’d be short-lived as Florida failed, again and again, to push the cart forward. Logix was now switching over to McCree, as Dallas sits back pretty with an ult economy. Florida makes some slow gains into the carwash now, Dallas yet to use any of those ults they had been farming for the last few minutes. Florida took the first objective, now with the ult economy in their favor, Logix showing up at this stage of the match on his McCree.

Florida keeps up the push to the second checkpoint of their payload, taking it faster than last time with three minutes in their time bank to get it to the final point on Gibraltar. Taimou and Cwoosh face off with their primal rages, Cwoosh coming out on top of it. Florida, still somehow ever slowly winning the tradeoffs to push their payload up inch by inch, getting it to the final point with only seconds left and getting the final push in the OT.

Dallas Fuel now opens up on the attack; they have to win this to stop going onto a fifth and final map. On the defense, Florida ran the same set up they did on attack eventually. AKM on the attack Widow, rest of the team filling their roles in the standard dive comp. They’ve at this point already made my progress then Florida, getting into the carwash in just under a minute. Most likely due to AKM winning the sniper battles against Logix. Dallas takes the first objective with four minutes and change.

In this second push, AKM stays the star of the show as he gets pick after pick on the Florida line up, allowing the rest of his team to clean up the aftermath. Dallas still pushing past Florida with plenty of time in the bank from each push. Florida at the left turn of the payload dug in and held the high ground, slowing Dallas momentum to a snail’s pace now. But all in a moment it resets to Dallas with Mickie getting a three kill self-destruct that decimates Florida’s back line. But still, Florida just keep spawning fast enough, killing fast enough to destroy Dallas final push only inches off from winning in the OT to take it and put them at 2-2!  

3-2 Florida Mayhem


Map 5 (Ilios)

For the final map, AKM is subbed out for Effect for this final control point focused map. Most likely a sound decision. For Florida, Tviq starts on the Pharah. On Dallas side, you have Rascal on the Pharah. Most likely playing over the pit of death on the first map of Ilios.Dallas pushed in, while Tviq hits their backlines. Sadly Dallas takes the point first, starting to build percent. Florida is fast to flip it though, stopping Dallas before they can even get to fifty percent.

Dallas committed hard to take it back, but even with using all the ults they had built up, they can not take it back from Florida. Logix on the tracer seems to be going Florida’s way this match, landing a great pulse bomb Dallas Fuels support line up. Florida took the first point on this map, easily beating out Dallas it seems.

On the next point and what could be the final for the Dallas, Logix is back on the Widow and opens up early, getting three easy picks to secure them the first capture of the point and slowly getting percent on it. Rascal on the widow for Dallas to try and combat Logix, though many would think AKM would be a better pick. Dallas slogs past the defense of Florida eventually, stopping them before they hit 50%. Florida can’t hold it for long though, only able to get up to 68% as Dallas DPS push in to dislodge Florida from the point. Trade-offs are oh so vital now as they just don’t stop coming in, Florida just able to recovery with a great play from Tviq taking out Effect before he can get a health pack. Florida keep it tight, fitting Taimous primal rage against the entire team! And with that, the Florida Mayhem come out of this, the reverse sweep to get them their second victory ever!


Match Score: 3-2 Florida Mayhem! You didn’t think it’d happen, no one did! But it has, and twitch chat can not handle it!


MVP: Logix

Logix is a player who’ll ever turn up or not. Today he turned up, and he brought everything with him. His plays on Widow were crucial to Florida’s win, and the brief time he was on the Tracer was just a pleasure to watch.


Match Rating: 9/10

Did that just happen? Am I having a double take here? Did you see that? All those questions slowly being answered as the realization, YES THAT DID JUST HAPPEN! Florida has netted themselves their second victory the entire season, against a team so many would say was on the up and up. The only thing stopping this game from being a ten was the first two maps, which were honestly quite a bore to watch. But it the silence, the peace, before Mayhem would be unleashed.


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