Overwatch League – Dallas Fuel vs Los Angeles Gladiators – S2W1

Dallas Fuel on Stage

2018-01-27 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Dallas Fuel look to continue their win streak against the Los Angeles Gladiators. The Gladiators hope to cement their spot as a top team in the league with the addition of Fissure. This is one of the more interesting matchups of the week with some great storylines!


Date: 02/23/2018

Stage: 2

Match: Dallas Fuel vs. Los Angeles Gladiators

Starting Lineups:

Dallas: xQc, effect, akm, Mickie, Custa, Harryhook

Gladiators: Fissure, Shaz, BigGoose, Hydration, Surefour, Bischu


Dallas Fuel Players

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


Map One (Hanamura) Dallas Wins 2-1

Dallas Starts on the attack with a dive comp including aKm on the Soldier:76. Los Angeles looks in a standard dive. Harryhook gets a pick on Hydration early allowing Dallas to push in quickly. xQc takes down Surefour, and things snowball from there with Dallas taking Point A easily. Dallas’s pushes are stalled early into Point B, but aKm gets two quick kills and Dallas rides that into a dive onto the point. Effect cleans up with two kills from a Pulse Bomb and they finish the map with 4:19.


The teams flip sides but their compositions stay nearly the same, with the only swap being Shaz switching to Moira. Their first push is dispatched easily by Dallas. Los Angeles comes back in and Fissure takes down two quickly, Shaz gets another with his Moira let and Los Angeles cleans up Point A pretty quickly afterward. Their first push into Point B is repelled, but they come back and Surefour and Hydration get early kills. Los Angeles get more kills than Dallas, but the respawn advantage proves too much as a Nanoboosted DVA clean up the point with Los Angeles just short of taking the second tick on Point B. Another dive in by Los Angles nets them the second tick on the Point, but Dallas repeals again. Los Angeles organize another strong dive onto the point and get early kills, xQc and aKm fight back with kills of their own and the fight stalls out with Dallas eventually holding. As Los Angeles pushes in with less than 30 seconds left, a nano boosted aKm on Soldier with support from the team is able to dispatch the attack and hold the Point.


Map 2 (Lijiang Tower) Los Angeles Wins 2-1

Night Market

Dallas subs in Rascal for aKm, Los Angeles subs in Asher for Surefour. Both teams come out with classic, identical dive compositions. Harryhook gets another early kill which Dallas capitalizes on and Dallas takes control of the point early. They overextend a bit after, however, and the Gladiators get a few quick kills and take the point themselves. xQc pops primal rage and jumps in allowing Rascal to get an early kill, but Los Angeles returns the favor, followed by Biggoose getting another kill and push Dallas back. That said, Dallas got both support lets out of Los Angeles and is ready for their next attack. Dallas dives the point and takes it without Los Angeles contesting, but Los Angeles dives back in, gets some kills, and retake the point quickly. Dallas come in and win a very decisive fight to take the point, but not before Los Angeles gets to 99%. Led by five kills by their tank line, Los Angeles takes the point back on their next attack and they take the first Point.


Control Center

Los Angeles comes out with a dive composition, Dallas however, is running Reinhardt, Zarya, McCree, Junkrat, Moira, and Lucio. Los Angeles grab the point quickly while Dallas maneuvers. The intial conflict lasts a while without any kills before both sides trade a couple, Dallas eventually gets an advantage and takes control of the point with Los Angeles at 22%. Dallas holds strong to 99% and Los Angeles engages but lose two to a rRptire and Dallas take the second Point.



Dallas comes out with a dive while Los Angeles opts for a dive with a Pharaoh. Both teams get a lot of kills before Dallas takes the point as reinforcements come in before those from Los Angeles. Los Angeles takes the point with Dallas at 40% on the back of some amazing play by Hydration on Pharah, who killed four members of Dallas. Los Angeles holds the point strong for a few fights before Dallas wrestles it back with Los Angeles at 77%. Dallas takes the point back as Los Angeles reaches 77% themselves, forcing Los Angeles onto the offensive. The teams trade kills, but Fissure and Asher lead the way for Los Angeles and get them the point back as Dallas hits 99%. The Gladiators win a close, extended fight led by some clutch booping and manage to take the third Point and the map.


Los Angeles Gladiators Shields Up

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment


Map 3 (King’s Row) Dallas Wins 4-3

Dallas subs in aKm for Effect. Los Angeles subs in Surefour for Asher. Dallas starts on the attack and comes out with Winston, DVA, Pharah, Junkrat, Zenyatta, and Mercy. Los Angeles defends with dive. Both sides get an early kill, but the spawn advantage allows Dallas to press their attack. Los Angeles’ dive composition doesn’t have much to answer the Pharmacy combo from Dallas and the first Point falls. Dallas dominates the road to Point B consistently, and the make the push into Point C with about four minutes on the clock. Los Angeles hold strong against Dallas’ first push with a strong Dragonblade from Hydration, but that’s the last fight they would win before Dallas pushes quickly to finish the map with almost two and a half minutes remaining.

The Los Angeles attack begins with a dive comp including BigGoose on Sombra. Dallas defends with Reinhardt, Winston, Mccree, Junkrat, Moira, and Mercy. Dallas holds strong against the initial pushes from Los Angeles, but eventually Hydration gets a Dragonblade and gets early kills allowing the rest of his team to clean up and capture Point A. Moving towards Point B Dallas dominates most of an exceptionally long fight. Los Angeles is eventually able to finish the Point, but they finish with under two minutes remaining to take the final point. Dallas dominates the first attack into the final point and Los Angeles regroups with a minute remaining. Los Angeles begins to take control as the timer ticks into overtime, Dallas tries to come out and contest but Fissure locks them up at their spawn doors and Los Angeles finishes the map.

Dallas comes out of the gate with the four Tank “Slambulance” lineup. Los Angeles defends with a three Tank lineup with a McCree. The Gladiators hold strong early and time ticks below a minute without aKm getting to his ultimate on Zarya. Dallas pushes in and Harryhook finishes off Fissure before he can use his Eathshatter. xQc and aKm get some quick kills afterward and Dallas takes the map.


Map 4 (Watchpoint: Gibraltar) Dallas Wins 3-0

Dallas subs in Effect for Rascal. Asher comes in for Hydration for Los Angeles. Dallas starts on attack with dive with a Mercy. The Gladiators start their defense with a mostly dive comp including a Sombra and an Ana. Dallas comes out strong, pushes quickly to finish Point A. Los Angeles puts up a better fight during the second Point push, but a clutch Tactical Visor from aKm clears the way for Dallas to finish the Point, giving them slightly over five minutes to finish the map from here. Dallas pushes most of the way through before Los Angeles stabilizes, with Dallas using too many ultimates in the lost fight. Both sides trade kills in the next fight before aKm gives Dallas the advantage with two kills. The respawn advantage for the defenders proves too strong however, and Dallas is forced to regroup with the clock at about a minute and a quarter remaining. The momentum shifts heavily in the favor of Los Angeles and they hold off push after push with Dallas unable to get back to the point until the clock ticks to overtime. Dallas pushes the payload forward a bit and the teams enter an extended fight. Dallas get both supports down for the opposing teams and manage to rally through the defender’s advantage and finish the map.

Los Angeles comes out on attack and pushes quickly, though Dallas puts up a good stand towards the end of the Point and force Los Angeles to regroup. Dallas win the next big push as well, and stagger Los Angeles allowing Bischu to run back towards spawn for quite a while before sending baby DVA back to spawn. aKm and Effect get early kills on Los Angeles’ final push and while Los Angeles hang in for a bit, they’re unable to gain ground on Dallas, who full hold on the map.


Match Score: 3-1 Dallas Fuel Wins

MVP: xQc

Per usual there were a lot of good candidates. Not to overlook the clutch plays by Effect and aKm, but the Dallas Fuel looked much more cohesive as a team with xQc leading the line. His stats were good, but those aside this is the most organized Dallas team we’ve seen yet. His presence also affords the team a great deal more flexibility in their compositions.

Match Rating:  7.5/10 Really enjoyable for Fuel fans, and if Los Angeles had left Hydration in for every map it may have been closer. Ultimately they ran out a lineup that wasn’t competitive enough, consistently enough, to challenge the Fuel.


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