Overwatch League – New York Excelsior vs. Boston Uprising

New York Excelsior Players

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

New York Excelsior faced off against the Boston Uprising in tonight’s final match. Both teams played well, however, once the formula was found the New York Excelsior began to pull away. Here is a full breakdown of the match. 


Date: 01/11/2018

Stage: 1

Match: Boston Uprising vs NY Excelsior




Game 1 (Junkertown) NYXL Wins

Boston pushed early with Junkertown. Dueling snipers was a big part as Saebyolbe was able to hold some attacks. Still Boston came in all the way to the last point when the real action started. Down to two minutes over the final push. Striker was stopped short by Libero. A solid dragonblade from Dreamkazper pushed NYXL off the point causing an overtime push. Boston takes the map. NYXL on the attack are pushing quickly. It is once again a sniper dual. NYXLpushed hard to win the map with a much faster time on the attack.

Game 2 (Horizon Lunar Colony) Boston wins

Quick exchanges equal out kills as Boston grabs the advantage. First cap goes to Boston. Both teams run classic dive comps with Junkrat on NYXL. Uprising continues to dominate and hold the point. Second round we see Sombra from Libero and Moira in NYXL line up as well. Can Boston hold the point? NYXL commits and grabs point one. NYXL makes a move for the second point. Sombra play is top class, however Boston holds. Map sands at 2-2. Boston is buying time. Kellex stands strong as Mercy. Boston holds the map. Boston has a lot of time. Meko came in on Roadhog but it was not enough. Map is at 3-3. Boston wins the map!

Game 3 (Ilios) NYXL Wins

NYXL came back strong after losing a map with Pine on McCree. With some solid backfield play, he was able to keep Boston from gaining any ground. Libero continues to impress. NYXL hosted a solid game plan and took the game on some solid DPS performance. Pine put on a clinic with McCree.

Game 4 (Nubani) NYXL Wins

Boston goes back to dive meta to try and take the map. However, NYXL was ready for them. Junkrat play by Libero was solid to stop Boston from pushing to the objective. Boston eventually got the payload rolling. Striker over extended himself a little but NYXL backed off for a bit. Libero opens up on Junkrat and launches a solid defense as the payload gets stalled. NYXL holds and takes the map. Now it is Boston’s turn to defense. NYXL moves in quick. Libero now on Pharah pushing forward. Trying to move Boston back. JJonak moves in with some solid Zenyatta play and even a few snipes. NYXL gets the payload moving. Libero switches again to Soldier. A quick death for Kellex mans more real estate for NYXL. They take the map.

Match Score: 3-1 NYXL wins

MVP: Libero (NYXL)

Match Rating: 6.5/10

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