“Maybe I could play Brigette. I really like Roadhog.” – Saebyeolbe From The New York Excelsior On Who He Might Play If Tracer Isn’t In the Stage Four Meta | Overwatch League

2018-04-12 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

New York Excelsior’s Saebyeolbe is one of the top players in Overwatch League. I got the chance to sit down and talk with Jong-yeol “Saebyeolbe” Park about Stage Four, the new meta, and where his favorite pizza comes from. Here is what SBB had to say.


OWS (Taco): Your team recently visited New York for the first time, what stood out to you about the city?

SBB:  I really liked how big it was. I really liked the night view of New York. Also interacting with the fans has been great.


OWS (Taco): Did you get any pizza while you were there?

SBB: (Laughs) I did have some pizza there, but I prefer Chicago pizza more…(laughs).


OWS (Taco): Oh man, Mash and I are New Yorkers, we will forgive you. So, your team is consistently one of the top performing teams in the league? What do you think separates you from teams that have had ups and downs?

SBB: We do have ups and downs. When one of our players is in a slump, other players will try to make up for that. We have a good enough roster to help each other.


OWS (Taco): What team are you most worried about in the league?

SBB: (Long Pause…then laughs) Boston is dangerous. There are a lot of really good players, the league definitely has the highest level players in it. I don’t think that there is any one full team though that is higher than us. Even on Excelsior, even I don’t consider us the best that we can be. We are always aiming higher.


2018-03-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


OWS (Taco): Did you look forward to playing Boston again in the Stage playoffs?

SBB:  I don’t try to worry about who it is we play. I just try and play my best and win no matter who the opponent is.


OWS (Taco): The season is really long. It has been stressing some people out. How does NYXL deal with that level of strain during the matches?

SBB: We don’t have a super packed schedule. We actually have a pretty chill schedule compared to some other teams. We try to relax a lot. We have enough time to enjoy the U.S. I get to have dinners with my wife and all. The NYXL policy is a very player caring policy. They treat us well.


OWS (Taco): What is your favorite thing about being in America so far?

SBB: I like the way Americans say “Hi!” They always ask “how are you?” In Korea we don’t do that. It feels like people really care about you. They really care about others.


OWS (Taco): Do you have any big plans for the offseason?

SBB: I will practice Overwatch (laughs). My wife and I will have some vacation time planned, absolutely. I do want to practice some new heroes though, that I don’t get to play much. I need to play some heroes who are, you know, not Tracer (laughs).


2018-05-06 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


OWS (Taco): Do you have any thoughts on Brigette coming into the meta and what that might mean in Stage 4?

SBB: It could mean the end of dive comp. I do think it could lower Tracer’s value in the matches.


OWS (Taco): Who would you play then?

SBB: Maybe I could play Brigette (laughs). I really like Roadhog.


OWS (Taco): What sets you apart from the other pros who play Tracer?

SBB: I actually don’t consider myself one of the top tier Tracer players. Maybe the common factor for all of us is our names start with S. You know, Snillo, Striker, Saebyeolbe (laughs).


OWS (Taco): Who do you consider to be the best Tracer in the Overwatch League?

SBB: I think Striker is. I still have a lot of things to learn. I can even learn from amateur players. They might be good at some things I am not. I watch everyone play Tracer for that reason.


OWS (Taco): Anything to say to fans?

SBB: Go New York Go New York Go!! If I have one more chance to do that chant with fans in NY, I’ll be very excited!

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