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Los Angeles Valiant Mercy

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Team Summary

In the first season of the Overwatch League, the Los Angeles Valiant racked up a stage win, a 4th place finish, and thousands of dedicated LA fans. A solid base of former Immortals players led them to have a consistently successful season. Mid-season pickups, such as offtank Space and former Fuel shotcaller Custa, allowed them to get ahead of the pack in the latter half of the season. With new expansion teams to contend with, they’re looking to stay ahead in Season 2.

Current Roster

Young-seo “KariV” ParkLA ValiantSupport/Flex
Scott ‘Custa’ KennedyLA ValiantSupport
Pan-seung “Fate” KooLA ValiantTank
Kyle “KSF” FrandanisaLA ValiantDPS/Flex
Kim “Izayaki” Min-chulLA ValiantSupport
Joon-hyuk “Bunny” ChaLA ValiantDPS
Indy “SPACE” HalpernLA ValiantTank/Flex
Dae-kuk “KuKi” KimLA ValiantTank
Brady “Agilities” GirardiLA ValiantDPS

Recent News

Overwatch League – London Spitfire vs Los Angeles Valiant – S3W3

The first match of the Saturday starts with the London Spitfire vs Los Angeles Valiant. Having lost four of their fives matches for Stage 3 so far, the London Spitfire need to show up strong against a dominating Los Angeles Valiant – currently undefeated in Stage 3. The only time these two teams met was in Stage 1, Week 2, the London Spitfire beating the Los Angeles Valiant with 3-2.

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Scott "Custa" Kennedy

Overwatch League – Los Angeles Gladiators vs Los Angeles Valiant – S3W3

Los Angeles Gladiators took on the Los Angeles Valiant for the big Battle of L.A. Both teams have been playing well and the match definitely delivered. Find out how things went here.

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Garrett 'Mash' Fuller
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Overwatch League – San Francisco Shock vs Los Angeles Valiant – S3W2

The San Francisco Shock are 1-1 for the stage after week 1 and are looking to keep the momentum going. The Los Angeles Valiant is doing even better going 2-0 in the first week including a 4-0 sweep of the Seoul Dynasty. Who will win this round of the Battle of California in Stage Three, Week Two. Read more …

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Watch Out (S3W2): LA Valiant on the Rise as Boston Picks Up the Pieces

Well, it’s been a busy week for the Overwatch League. Last week’s games surprised just about everybody- that Valiant 4-0 against the Dynasty? Or Boston’s, against the apparently-struggling Outlaws? It looks like teams are getting a fresh start this stage, and that means big changes are on the horizon. It couldn’t come at a better time for some teams- or at a worse time, for others.   Read more …

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Overwatch League – Los Angeles Valiant vs Shanghai Dragons – S3W1

2018-04-04 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Los Angeles Valiant roll into the arena invigorated off their steamroll win over the Seoul Dynasty looking to continue to dominate in Stage 3. The Shanghai Dragons arrive stage side with their new additions still finding their place, and the anticipation for “THE night” remains strong.

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Dave Av3 M0rt3m Konig
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Overwatch League – Los Angeles Valiant vs Seoul Dynasty – S3W1

In the second match of Stage 3, the brand new roster for the Los Angeles Valiant will challenge the inconsistent but ever dangerous Seoul Dynasty. Will the Valiant’s new players find a way to win out? Or will the Dynasty reign supreme?

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The Los Angeles Valiant Release Kang-Jae “Envy” Lee

The Los Angeles Valiant announced that they have released Kang-Jae “Envy” Lee from the active roster. As one of the top performing DVA players in the league, it seems overwhelmingly likely that this was due to personality conflicts, something that have been rife in the Valiant organization lately and has prompted their recent slew of roster moves.

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Sam 'Taco' Owens
Sam 'Taco' Owens is a lifelong gamer who has been playing Blizzard titles for over 20 years. Co-founder of Overwatchscore and content-creator, Taco loves taking a quantitative approach with his analysis. Follow Taco on Twitter!

The Los Angeles Valiant Announce Christopher “Grimreality” Schaefer Has Transitioned To Assistant Coach

The Los Angeles Valiant announced that Christopher “Grimreality” Schaefer has decided to step down from the active roster and take up an assistant coaching position within the organization. Long thought to be one of the future stars of the Valiant, Grimreality will not be taking the stage again for any Overwatch League team this season, and is looking to help his organization in a peer-coaching capacity.

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Sam 'Taco' Owens
Sam 'Taco' Owens is a lifelong gamer who has been playing Blizzard titles for over 20 years. Co-founder of Overwatchscore and content-creator, Taco loves taking a quantitative approach with his analysis. Follow Taco on Twitter!

The Los Angeles Valiant Sell Ted “Silkthread” Wang to The Los Angeles Gladiators

In the battle for Los Angeles, Ted “Silkthread” Wang has clearly won, earning himself a trip to the better performing of the two teams. The Los Angeles Valiant’s turmoil of late has been well documented. They released star DVA player Envy, traded Unkoe to the Dallas Fuel, purchased Bunny from the Seoul Dynasty, allowed Grimreality to transition to coach, and now allowed another player to leave to go to a rival team.

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Sam 'Taco' Owens
Sam 'Taco' Owens is a lifelong gamer who has been playing Blizzard titles for over 20 years. Co-founder of Overwatchscore and content-creator, Taco loves taking a quantitative approach with his analysis. Follow Taco on Twitter!

Florida Mayhem – Does Roster Size Matter?

Stage Two of the inaugural season of Overwatch League has wrapped up. As we prepare for Stage Three many of the teams have shifted rosters and made changes. This leads us to the question does how many players you have on the roster matter in your success?

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