Immortals Talk Re-Branding for OWL

Noah Whinston has taken to Twitter to let Immortals fans know about naming their team. Noah breaks down his thoughts on why Blizzard wants teams to re-brand into their ecosystem for the Overwatch League. Also we spoke to Noah last week right before this announcement, you can read that feature here.

You can find the video here:

We are happy to see Noah take to the air waves directly to talk to fans. This is the type of example a lot of owners should follow as they get in line for this league to begin over the next few months.

Many were surprised to see Blizzard expect teams to re-name and re-brand. However, it makes perfect sense given the various leagues and different games that a lot of these team already play in. Noah explains it all and we can expect that Cloud9, Misfits Gaming, and NRG will likely follow suit. Cloud9 has even started a fan poll to name the team.

As the player signing window continues and teams are being named. We will keep you posted on the full rosters as they are announced.


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