Gladiators Fissure: Message to London Spitfire

2018-03-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek was traded to the Los Angeles Gladiators from the London Spitfire about a month ago. His tank play is top tier, his message to London this past week was certainly fun. Here are some thoughts.

Fissure was not a starting player for London and was part of a trade deal back in mid February. This past weekend we saw an upset with the Gladiators beating London in a 3-1 victory. Fissue had this to say on his live stream after the match:×720.mp4#t=0



We are not reading into his comments, but the London Spitfire vs. Los Angeles Gladiators rivalry does go back to preseason when the Gladiators pulled a surprise win back in December as well. Taco will argue with me on the importance of that, but it does show that somehow the Gladiators have the Spitfire’s number.


Adding Fissure to the mix was a prime pick up for L.A., who after stage one could have used a shot of adrenaline on the team. The other rising question here is how many teams are signing up tank players. More importantly, you see Fissure’s impact on the Gladiators.


2018-03-07 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


DPS has been seen as the most critical part of Overwatch for many. In team play though, tanks creator the options for DPS to do their job. As teams continue to build and trade, more tank players are becoming a major factor in Stage Two play. It was in Map 3 of the match against the Spitfire that Fissure came alive for the Gladiators. His Winston played cleared enough room for Surefour and Hydration to clean up the Spitfire and hold London to only two points in King’s Row. Fissure capped off the dead stop by taking out Profit on the payload.


The Gladiators are another team that can surprise anyone in Overwatch League, with the pick up of Fissure and only a month of play together you are starting to see this team come alive quickly. They came away with a 2-0 weekend defeating the Valiant and the Spitfire.

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