Overwatch League – Florida Mayhem vs. London Spitfire

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Matchday 2 of the OWL started with the London Spitfire meeting the Florida Mayhem on the stage at OWL Arena. Our resident Spitfire analyst Austin “Roguebludger” White took some West Coast time to cover this match!

Date: 1/11/2018

Stage: Matchday 2

Match: London Spitfire vs. Florida Mayhem


Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment



Game 1 (Dorado) Payload: Mayhem 2-1 (2:52)

Mayhem struck hard and fast, and were able to take the first map off the analyst’s favourites.

Spitfire stalled on their advancement twice (once in the right before the first checkpoint and the second time right in front of the second checkpoint) and were left with no time on the clock with only 1 capture point. The cart stopped before reaching the 2nd point as the Spitfire made a rare mistake, and none of their players kept a presence on it, bringing their attack to a surprising finish.

Mayhem came out strong on offence and were shocked the Spitfire with a push past their initial position. Florida took the second point with a cool 2:52 on the clock to grab the surprise win, sending the Spitfire into a temporary tailspin.

Game 2 (Temple of Anubis) Assault: Spitfire 2-1 (4:44)

Spitfire quickly pulled out of their initial dive, and left the Mayhem defence in shambles as they took both points in one of the faster Anubis pushes I’ve seen (although nobody will likely beat GLA’s 6:14). They nearly took the point faster (by a second), but after their extended first assault was finally repelled by Florida, they regrouped and presented a powerful concerted 2nd attack to take the final point.

Mayhem just weren’t able to push through the concentrated defence of London. They were able to grab the first point, but their attack lacked the speed or feistiness of the Spitfire. Birdring’s Widow was the star of this map as he shut down any available avenues of approach to the first point, leaving the Mayhem attack with minimal options and setting the tone for the Spitfire defence.

Game 3 (Oasis) Control: Spitfire 2-0

Oasis was a map defined by last second victory. Mayhem held the first point on University to 99% capture, but the Spitfire were able to wrest control away just before the Mayhem could be declared victorious. Birdring’s Genji was a huge part of the final Spitfire push to hold the point in the end.

On the second point it again came down to 99% ties, but a last second Moira ult and tank push by London kept the point in their control. The Mayhem were able to take out both DPS heroes on the Spitfire in what looked like a push that would end in their taking the point and victory, but a last second Moira ult by Bdosin, coupled with a push by Spitfire Tanks Gesture and Fury

Game 4 (Numbani) Hybrid: London 3-0 (3:01)

London started on offence. They were able to get the payload to it’s destination with 3:01 on the clock. The fatigue of a team playing the Spitfire was showcased on this map, as Florida seemed to have a hard time staying on the Objective. London kept their reactions and showcased their adeptness, while Florida seemed to slow down and make mistakes. The Spitfire’s roster could prove to give them an advantage in any long matches as the season progresses.

Mayhem got their chance on attack to no avail. London held them to only 2 ticks on the first point, shutting down both of Mayhem’s DPS heroes. Their defense focused the Mayhem supports and kept any of the Mayhem members from really becoming too much of a threat.

Match Score: 3-1 London Spitfire over Florida Mayhem

MVP: Logix (Florida Mayhem)

A large part of the Mayhem’s surprise win on Dorado was Logix’s Tracer play as the cart reached checkpoint 2. The victors of Maps 2-4 was dictated by whether the Spitfire were able to shut down Logix or not. London had some amazing plays by their players (and it would be easy to give this honour to just about any on their roster), but it required a great TEAM EFFORT to overcome the Mayhem, with each member pulling their weight and shining in individual moments of prowess. Logix became a focal point of the match after map 1 and thus why I felt like he deserves this, even in the loss.

Match Rating: 7/10 in reality (10/10 as far as this Spitfire fan is concerned)

Matchday 2 started strong. The Mayhem came out like a group of dervishes, downing the Spitfire in their first map. From there it seemed like the Spitfire were able to adapt more effectively than the Mayhem. Mayhem gave up a good fight, but the Spitfire just seemed the more versatile team (a large portion of that could be attributed to their sub ability [and quality]), showcasing why many analysts have London positioned in the top tier.


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